A NEON SIGN will assist in ensuring that your event will never forget

A NEON SIGN will assist in ensuring that your event will never forget

You have likely invested a great deal of time and energy to guarantee that the upcoming event will be one that people will fondly remember for years to come.

Even though there were likely times of difficulty, the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off according to plan is unparalleled.

Nevertheless, you must have all the necessary supplies before you travel there.

After deciding where to conduct the significant event, you must become acquainted with the event space and how to maximise its potential.

Decorating the venue is one of the most crucial components because it determines the tone and ambience you desire for the event.

Significant events, such as weddings, award ceremonies, birthday parties, and business meetings, require extensive planning and assistance from design professionals to look their best for guests.

Using neon signs, which have been increasingly popular in recent years, is one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your event.

By utilising a neon sign in various ways, it is possible to illuminate the area in a distinctive and attention-grabbing manner.




You must first decide whether you want a giant neon sign to serve as the event's centrepiece or if you would rather have several smaller pieces dispersed throughout the room.

Each option can look amazing and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

It is possible to make a bold statement with either one enormous neon sign or multiple smaller ones meticulously positioned around a large area.

The size of your neon signs must fit with the event venues.

After determining the number of neon displays required, it is time to consider the alternatives available.

At BeneonUnicorn, we can manufacture a range of eye-catching neon signs; all you need to do is choose one that matches the theme of your event or commission a unique sign!

The combination of neon and print has become a popular alternative for many applications because it provides a fresh spin on the traditional medium.

This is because it contributes something novel to the table.

The beautiful pattern that acts as the backdrop for our collection of neon on print is the ideal setting for the one-of-a-kind focal point that our range of neon on print creates.

Consider using a neon mirror box to present neon lighting even more unconventionally.

The mirror contributes to the space's refined image by quietly and elegantly reflecting the neon light.

It may be mounted wherever you wish because of its laser-etched face, which gives it a distinctive appearance.

You may have been searching for the most eye-catching addition to your event location, and a neon infinity box may be the answer.

Due to the intelligent layout of this item, the image is infinitely long.

They can be attached to the wall anywhere, providing an instant focal point.

Everyone attending your event will need help remembering this dazzling neon sign advertising it.




Consider whether you want something that will remain in place permanently or only need a neon sign for the night of your event.

BeneonUnicorn allows customers to hire a neon sign for the night if they do not want a permanent installation but still desire the attention-grabbing effects of our neon displays.

Anyone who wants to use our neon displays but does not require a permanent installation can utilise this service.

You may hang them using either the chain we provide or the acrylic containers they come in, which have plugs already attached.

It has never been easier to install a stunning piece of neon art in your restaurant than it is now.

But, our expertise truly shines when clients wish to purchase a sign for permanent display or have an existing sign changed to their exact specifications.

We can bring your ideas to life by creating a neon sign for your event that can be relocated to a more permanent location.

Contact us as soon as possible if you want your event to be the talk of the town, and we'll help you achieve that with our one-of-a-kind centrepiece that will grab the spotlight.

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