Decorating our homes is an excellent opportunity to exhibit our unique personalities and take pride in the work we have completed, whether we do it alone or with others. 

The photographs and other mementoes we've meticulously organised throughout our houses should communicate a sense of who we are.

Whether you want to redesign your home to give it a fresh look regularly or if you want to try a different style for a change, you can choose from various interior design trends and themes. 

Each style's specific characteristics must be incorporated to achieve a uniform appearance. 

With this in mind, we offer a few tips for the interior design wish list you should build for 2019.




In recent years, this method has grown in popularity as a trend in interior design since it can be used to animate even the plainest rooms. 

We are using a range of textures to increase the amount of visual interest in a specific region. 

This approach to interior design is typically associated with the Nordic decorating style. 

It is defined by using subtle tones and natural materials like wicker, wool, and sheepskin.

The secret to transforming your home into a cosy and inviting refuge from the outside world is incorporating a range of textures into its design. 

You may attain this impression by adding accent pillows with a pattern or texture, a textured blanket for the bed, and potentially a wicker coffee table or a light wood sideboard. 

The combination of these elements will help you attain this look. 

With the help of these textured materials, you can create a mood in the area cosier and more inviting by adding them to the furniture and decorative accents in the room.




Combining styles from several eras into a unified whole is another prevalent design concept. 

It might sound unusual to combine art deco accents from the 1920s with furniture from the 1950s, but the combination's highly distinctive nature makes it work so well. 

The mix contains vibrant colour palettes influenced by the 1970s, art deco elements from the 1920s, and 1950s furniture.

This design allows you to be as overt or understated as you choose. Select furniture, carpets, and linens in jewel tones such as emerald, royal blue, and purple to create a warm and inviting environment. 

Next, incorporate geometric prints for visual contrast. This style of interior décor would benefit enormously from the inclusion of a neon sign. 

You and your loved ones can create a one-of-a-kind neon sign that can be displayed in any room and will immediately bring a sense of nostalgia to the room.




The "biophilia" theory proposes humans have an inbuilt drive to spend time in natural environments. 

The widespread use of botanical colour palettes and the increasing popularity of indoor plants exemplifies this trend. 

Because it imparts a sense of openness and spaciousness to any location, it is advantageous throughout the entire year.

You may get this effect by choosing a colour palette that is predominantly green with different accenting tones and then using as much natural wood as possible (coffee tables, dining tables, wooden shutters, etc.). 

Floral wallpaper, but if you're not daring, perhaps only on one wall! A few indoor potted plants should be at the top of the wish list for anyone interested in decorating their home with a natural vibe.


Metal-related technologies in the contemporary era


Copper has been in the spotlight for a considerable time recently, and metallics have a long history of popularity in interior design trends. 

The use of more refined metals such as pewter and brass, as well as more contemporary touches like smoked glass, has become increasingly popular this year.

Metallic accents in soft hues such as dusky pink, blush, or grey are a fantastic way to recreate this aesthetic and go nicely with the fashionable marble and velvet textures. 

Incorporating metallic touches into a home could be as simple as wishing for metallic lamps, table legs, vases, etc. 

Try combining a few different metals for a unique look, but keep the metallic finishes subdued and more matte for elegance.