Casting my vote in favour of a neon invitation sign

Casting my vote in favour of a neon invitation sign

We decided it was vital to carry on a previous article and investigate your alternatives for a neon wedding because many think neon signs are only suited for marketing a bar or club. 

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and we deemed it necessary to act. 

What better way to commemorate one of the most significant times of your life than to announce your upcoming nuptials to the world with a neon sign or even use one to propose? 

Because of their versatility, neon signs can be used to announce any noteworthy event, from birthdays to births. 

Likewise, a neon sign could be an everlasting reminder of the love between two people.



In today's society, asking the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with to marry you is simply the first step in the engagement process. 

There is now a great deal of pressure to discover the most romantic manner to ask, "Will you marry me? "as if the old method were already obsolete. 

Hence, if you are not highly imaginative, your future husband will likely recall the event with embarrassment instead of pride. 

This is due to the current fashion. 

Nevertheless, if you do it uniquely and memorably, they will speak about it for years and tell all of their friends that you are getting married.

Using a neon sign as the backdrop for a proposal enables you to incorporate some great symbols. 

After examining the images you take in front of the glowing red heart, everyone will consider you the most romantic person who ever lived.

Why not simply demonstrate to your future spouse that they have your heart by hugging them instead of getting down on one knee? 

It is up to you, and you're intended to determine what type of proposal sign is most acceptable for the two of you, although there are numerous possibilities available.


There were four marriages and one neon sign


The trend of having a wedding with a Las Vegas theme is on the increase as a means for couples to experience what it would be like to party like their favourite celebrities on their special Day. 

Why not make your wedding feel like a red carpet event by decorating the reception hall with a neon sign in the style of Las Vegas that depicts both of your names intertwined, or perhaps even both of your names or faces in lights?

You can choose from various designs for your neon wedding signs, such as turtle doves, rings, hearts, or wedding bells. 

If you're feeling very creative, you may also choose a sign that shows your favourite animal, a cocktail, or something else.

Anything you desire to have inscribed in neon for your wedding, we are confident that it will...


Yet, what follows the conclusion of the wedding ceremony?


You should be aware that neon is not only beneficial for weddings. 

Consider placing a neon sign at your reception so your guests will have a keepsake to take home. 

Neon can be incorporated into the reception design in various ways, such as by placing a sign that reads "recently married" on the wall or by making an illuminated display of the couple's intertwined neon names. 

Neon is a flexible option for weddings with themes, and it works well with everything from a theme focusing on a cocktail party to a setting reminiscent of Las Vegas or a casino.

Or, go for a style reminiscent of the 1970s by decorating your reception with neon signs and heart-shaped lights to create a mood reminiscent of that era. 

Again, you have various options to choose from, such as a 1970s-era neon sign or a design fitting for your wedding, such as your initials intertwined in a heart pattern. 

But we are not the only kind, so if you are more into the 2000s than we are, that is great.

Indeed, you did.

For those of you who lean more towards the romantic side, there is no reason why you can't add neon to even the most sophisticated of parties. 

Neon wedding signs that are skillfully created and properly placed will draw attention. 

After attending your wedding, your guests will have a favourable image of them and will likely ask where they can purchase one.

In a nutshell, neon wedding signs give a deliciously modern and individualised spin on the traditional décor utilised for wedding proposals, ceremonies, and parties. 

As a lasting remembrance of the proposal, wedding, and reception, you may maintain the neon sign used to announce your engagement until after the wedding and reception. 

In addition, you can use it as a wall hanging after the wedding as a permanent reminder of the beautiful occasion. 

Call us and detail your proposal intentions, regardless of how odd they may appear, and we will help you create a sign that will be an unforgettable part of your special occasion.