Custom neon light sign glow into your life to make it better!

Custom neon light sign glow into your life to make it better!


As you may have suspected, BeneonUnicorn Neon is fully obsessed with custom neon, which includes neon signs, neon lights, and a variety of other applications! 

The most effective way to breathe new life into any space, whether a living room or a bedroom, is to hang a personalised neon sign in the space. 

A one-of-a-kind neon sign can breathe new life into any room while also providing a stunning glow. 

Here are some of our top recommendations for adding more Neon into your day-to-day activities, so look.

Install a neon sign that reads precisely what you would like it to say.

The potential benefits that could be obtained in this manner are virtually unbounded.

Our personalised neon signs span a wide range of applications, from ornamental pieces such as neon signs to light your bedroom table, which you may design to say appropriate things like "Dream" to more functional ones such as "Laundry!" or "Home Bar!"

When you get bespoke neon signs made, you benefit from having a one-of-a-kind design created just for you. 

You are free to put them to use in adorning any space you like.

To liven you up and put some colour into your day, try this:

Neon lights are an excellent choice for illuminating a space, regardless of whether they are used in the house or workplace. 

It is adaptable enough to function as a source of illumination for the task at hand or the backdrop. 

The sensation of being transported is one of the primary advantages of utilising a neon sign explicitly created for an establishment as a source of ambient lighting.

Find the perfect custom neon sign for your space, whether you want a calming blue or an energising orange, and your selection will determine the area's ambience. 

You'll be OK with selecting the right hue for your space thanks to our extensive collection of LED neon in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

Incorporating neon signs into your home office can motivate you to get work done and increase productivity.

As a result of the epidemic, many of us have been forced to change our working arrangements and begin doing our jobs from home, which has increased the need for establishing a home office. 

You undoubtedly spend a lot of time at your desk if you operate a business or perform remote work from home because that's what you do.

With the assistance of a personalised neon sign, it will be much simpler for you to work harder and put in more hours. 

They can be used as decorative accents and prompts for creative thought, breathing new life and vitality into spaces that might otherwise be lifeless and dull. 

When you're having a particularly challenging day, a rousing saying or an original work of art displayed on your neon sign may be just what the doctor ordered to get you through it.


It would help if you mounted a neon sign in your room.


Neon signs have recently been used in various contexts apart from the commercial and industrial spheres in today's modern world. 

Even the bedroom can benefit from the illumination provided by neon signs; there is no room in the house that they cannot illuminate. 

Installing a neon light that reflects your taste and goes well with the rest of your interior design will help you create a space that is uniquely yours.

It is essential to have adequate lighting in the bedroom to facilitate relaxation at the end of the day.

LED lights are the way to go if you're searching for a fresh way to brighten your bedroom that doesn't require a tangled mess of connections. LED lights are the answer. 

You might put a sign above your bed that says "Dream" or "Do not disturb!" or one that tells your loved ones to "wake you up!"


Individualised neon lights that aid in sleep


The visual appeal of the space and your ability to get adequate rest will be enhanced by the addition of personalised neon lighting.

Warmer light emitted by led neon lights, as opposed to the more blue light emitted by traditional bulbs, makes it less taxing on the eyes. 

After a long day at work, you can unwind without worrying about the stress you're putting on your eyes, making it easier for you to fall asleep and feel refreshed when you wake up. 

Therefore, the Neon has the right to declare victory.


Celebrations and social get-togethers


In addition to being an excellent choice for decoration, a neon sign is essential in establishing the tone of an event, such as a party. 

A Led sign could be a delightful addition to the celebrations you are hosting, whether for a wedding or a birthday party. 

Adding motivational words to a neon sign makes the sign more distinctive.

My enquiry is about the possibility of an individual constructing their own neon sign.

You could do that, but it's something other than what we recommend. 

Since we have already completed the groundwork, there is no need for you to continue with it. 

Please look at why you should consider purchasing from us rather than attempting to do it alone.




Instead of the traditional glass neon tubes, led neon flex was utilised to produce the signage. 

Because of this, our neon signs have a long lifespan and are very cost-effective. 

The first neon tube was made of glass, meaning the signs needed to be repaired and changed regularly. 

The custom neon we produce and the eco-friendly LED lights we sell are made to last for a very long time. The materials we use to construct our custom neon are not susceptible to breaking.


Minimum power drain


Because they are lit from within by energy-saving LEDs that are contained within a neon tube, not only do our neon signs look lovely, but they also contribute positively to the health of the environment. 

Both your money and the environment will benefit from this decision.

Easy to assemble and use.

Mounting holes have already been drilled into every one of our customised neon lights. 

With the help of the supplied instructions, you should be able to get our one-of-a-kind Neon up and running even if you have a limited amount of experience with technology. 

Every piece of custom neon we produce also comes with a power cord as standard equipment.


Signs in Neon for an endless variety


When you purchase with us for custom neon, you have access to a wide variety of pre-made sign options, which you may select from. 

The thrill, on the other hand, is in no way coming to an end! 

As an added perk, you are more than welcome to contribute your ideas and designs to our products.

Our skilled team is happy to collaborate with you to develop the perfect neon piece for your living environment, and we look forwards to doing so. 

What exactly are you holding out for at this point? 

You may perk up your day by picking up one of our neon signs.