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Customize Your Own Neon Sign


What exactly does the presence of neon lights indicate?

Custom neon signs are a fantastic and versatile form of lighting display that is perfect for drawing attention to your business, attracting clients, and enhancing the appearance of any place.


The Step-by-Step Process Involved in the Manufacture of Neon Signs 


When an efficient high-voltage electrical current flows through the gas within the tubes, they illuminate in the colour of your choosing. 

These architectural structures are filled with inert gas to form letters, forms, and motifs.

There are numerous methods for displaying neon signs, including installing them on walls, dangling them from chains or wires, or leaving them freestanding on a sturdy frame or stand.


Neon Symbol with a Choose Your Adventure Theme


With our one-of-a-kind design services, we can help you achieve your goal of attracting the attention of passersby with your neon sign

To attain a polished and professional appearance, look no further than Beneonunicorn custom signage, which offers beautiful shape-cut backings.

At BeneonUnicorn, we've spent years perfecting the art of producing one-of-a-kind neon and neon lights to suit every preference. 

We have the experience, equipment, and stock materials to make anything you can imagine, from simple outdoor signs to intricate, multi-colour, huge outdoor signs that draw attention to your business.

Here are eight situations in which neon signage would enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of your business.

Installing neon signs at your place of business is a quick and straightforward way to increase your brand's exposure to potential clients. 

When it's dark outside, people's eyes are naturally drawn to bright colours and lights, making neon signs particularly effective in attracting attention. 

This holds even on a crowded street lined with numerous other businesses. 

Neon signs could tremendously help local business owners who wish to increase their companies' visibility.


Made according to your specifications


Neon signs' malleability is a significant strength of the medium. 

When designing a neon sign, you have great creative freedom. 

With the aid of our web-based application, businesses will be able to design and fabricate unique neon signs in terms of size, colour, and shape.


Adapt the NEON Sign to Your Specific Requirements with a Few Easy Modifications



Even though it's growing dark outside, I'm not afraid.

Due to the use of neon signs, establishments can remain open late. 

Although you could improve the visibility of your current signage in various ways, such as by adding additional lighting, I recommend switching to neon signs instead of the other alternatives.


Using less available electricity


Neon is the fifth most common chemical element in the periodic table, behind hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. 

Given the extensive use of neon signs, it is not unexpected that they are accessible at a relatively low price. 

Due to the absence of a filament, neon electrodes are pleasant to the touch and consume small amounts of electricity. 

As a result, their lifespan is frequently more extended than that of conventional light bulbs.




You do not need to worry about the functionality of neon signs, even during brownouts or when the line voltage is low, as these signs have a broad operating range and are exceptionally resilient.


Existence Probability Based on a Neon Sign


Compared to conventional light signs, which may fail in as little as six weeks, the advantages of neon signs are quickly obvious when one considers how little maintenance the bulbs demand.


More Simple to Setup


Because erecting a neon sign involves little time, you will immediately experience the benefits.


Your Customers Are Aware of Your Existence


It is undeniable that a large number of successful firms owe a debt of gratitude to neon signs for the role they played in generating brand awareness. 

When a neon sign is in place, it is immediately visible.


The Advantages of Having Your Custom Neon Signs


Handmade neon signs, on the other hand, take even the most straightforward assertion to an entirely new level. Custom-designed colour palettes, brand logos, illustrations, and typography are included to help your business stand out from the competition.


Personalize Your Banner


You can express yourself more fully if you choose a customized design. 

You have extensive control over the design, including the option to determine the size, layout, installation, colour scheme, and graphics.

In most situations, choosing a customized neon is the wisest course of action. 

It gives you an advantage over competitors and helps you stand out. 

You may find a tool at BeneonUnicorn that will allow you to make a unique neon sign for your business.


Frequent Concerns Regarding the Use of Neon Displays


Do neon signs gradually lose their luminosity?

Even though the illumination of a neon sign is produced by a gas combination confined in a tube, neon signs pose no greater risk than any other form of electrical equipment. 

Even if the signs are placed too close to flammable objects, they do not instantly pose a fire hazard because they are not pressurized and only become warm. 

If the signs are positioned too closely together, this might be a problem. 

The signs are safe to handle because the gases contained within the glass tubes are not released upon contact.

What's the average lifespan of a neon sign?

Neon signs, whether custom-made or prefabricated, can last for decades, but the gas stored within them will eventually evaporate, necessitating maintenance. 

The light generated each night is proportional to how long the gas is permitted to remain inside the lamp.

Neon Signs, can I brush them?

Neon signs can be cleaned using the same methods as any other light bulb or connected device. 

Before cleaning, signs should be unplugged, and a soft, dry cloth should be used if dust is present. 

Never use a damp cloth, as doing so could enable water to enter the electrical connection of your neon sign, resulting in an electric shock. 

To avoid harming the surface, cleaning any light requires extra care, and cleaning a neon sign is no exception. 

If you take these precautions, your neon sign will have a greater chance of avoiding dust and maintaining its pristine appearance for the longest time possible.