Here Are the Top Five Reasons to Use Neon Signs at Your Wedding

Here Are the Top Five Reasons to Use Neon Signs at Your Wedding

As the wedding day approaches, you are consumed by a wedding frenzy. Whether you hire a planner or handle everything independently, it can be immensely stressful to organise every aspect of an event. There are numerous aspects of the event to organise, including the menu, the playlist, and the location.

We cannot assist you in deciding whether to hire a DJ or live ensemble for your event. Assist in creating a one-of-a-kind neon sign that will serve as a lifelong reminder of the fondest night of your life. You are acquainted with this group of individuals.

If you are interested in modern wedding fashions (hey, brides, we know you're up late reviewing your Pinterest Boards), then you have the most recent information. Consequently, you have probably met them in the past. Currently, neon billboards with the new surnames of thousands of newlywed spouses are being produced.

Some future spouses even give their future husbands a keepsake inscribed "Till death do us part." Regardless of your preferences, there are five compelling reasons to use personalised wedding neon signs to enhance the party. The top five arguments favour using neon signs at your weddings: First, they are charming and amusing methods to introduce your new surname to family and friends.

Changing one's identity is a significant life event. Whether you are a male or a woman, you take on an entirely new identity upon marriage.

Why not make a great deal out of it by putting up an attractive sign to inform everyone?

Using neon calligraphy to commemorate a new name or flaunt newly acquired initials is an eye-catching method. Personalised Wedding Neon Display, They are an excellent way to express one's individuality.

Neon signs are an entertaining way to add a unique touch to weddings. Using a custom sign, your wedding's theme can match any colour scheme and design aesthetic. For either of you, do the lyrics of any tunes evoke memories of the two of you together?

(Anyone seen "Crazy, in Love?") Are you intrigued by the prospect of a "happily ever after" ending? Could you describe what you see, and we will recreate it while maintaining the essence of your connection?

They are also ideal for use as decorations in photographs. Since your guests will arrive dressed to the nines, it is only natural that they will want to photograph themselves to remember how fabulous they appear.

The most memorable wedding photographs are taken before a customised illuminated sign. They are photographically appealing while remaining unobtrusive to the hostesses and other guests. It would be a good idea for the bridal party to take silly pictures before the sign.

Additionally, they can be used as humorous captions for Instagram posts after the fact. The ceremony that took place last night was delightful. The bride's new surname shone with such radiance that it lit up the entire room.

You should have confidence in us because your future self will be grateful. This is the location to visit if you want to see photographs that illustrate how spectacular neon signs can look when photographed.

Neon signs at a wedding are an excellent method to illuminate the dance floor. You and your prospective husband should be the centre of attention on your wedding day.

Why not celebrate this auspicious occasion by spending the evening dancing with your closest friends?

Neon signs at a wedding reception are an excellent way to get guests up and swaying. Even though they sparkle beautifully during the day, they truly come into their own once the sun has set. Prepare for some strange motions.

We cannot guarantee that a wedding neon sign will enhance your dancing skills, but we can guarantee that it will create memories you will never forget. And isn't that the purpose of being married, to begin with?

5 They will continue to radiate brilliance long after the wedding day has passed. The day you both stand before each other and say "I do" signifies the beginning of a lifelong journey. A wedding neon sign is an excellent way to keep the party going after the last dance and the last slice of cake has been consumed.

Maintain the sign as a constant reminder of your commitment to one another, and make sure it is displayed. Display it on a wall, use it as a night light, or spruce up an unimpressive section of your home.

Then, you can replay the video and recall the most memorable moments of your wedding day. It is the only wedding decoration you want to keep after the festivities. To Say "I Do", All You Need Is a BeneonUnicorn Wedding Neon Sign.

Apologies for the pun, but the Beneonunicorn Neon Sign will bring your wedding's aesthetic to life. With the addition of one of our custom-made neon signs, your special event will feel even more enchanted.

Ordering a neon sign for a wedding is simple and quick. Choose one of these three options, and you'll soon be able to confirm your order for BeneonUnicorn Neon Signs with a "yes" Customised illuminated sign bearing the couple's surname and wedding year.

Create your neon signal first. Using the online sign builder provided by BeneonUnicorn Neon, you can construct your own personalised wedding neon sign. You can choose from a wide variety of print and cursive typefaces.

Everyone should utilise the Baywatch font, in our opinion. What's even better? You can obtain an estimate immediately, so there is no need to delay determining if the price is affordable for your wedding because you can obtain an estimate immediately.

If you are having difficulty deciding what to write on your sign, we will help you create a message. 2. Add an already-made logo or design. You wish to replicate the typeface used on the wedding invitation.

It is conceivable that your future mother-in-law's handwriting signature is quite elegant. Have faith in us; we'll find you a wonderful companion. Take a photograph of it and send it over here. No restriction exists on the diversity of shapes that neon signs can assume.

In addition, we can provide you with a no-cost estimate in as little as a single day. The collection that has already been designed can be purchased.

Even the currently available neon designs are still custom-made per customer specifications. Use one of the many available charming, edgy, or exquisite designs to give your special occasion a more distinctive feel.

Have we mentioned that these neon wedding decorations are being sold at a discount?

How much longer do you expect to be required to wait? Please allow us to immediately brighten your life by clicking this link to begin designing your personalised neon sign. 


If you operate a company, you are aware of how important it is to differentiate your company from the others in your industry. One method for accomplishing this goal is to position yourself as the most prominent individual in the space. The following are the top five reasons why neon signs are necessary for your firm.

To begin, it is currently extremely trendy (and will likely remain so for some time). In light of recent developments in social media trends, the use of neon signage has become increasingly popular. Since the '50s, when it was at the height of its popularity, neon's notoriety has been steadily on the rise.

If you search the hashtag "neonsign" on Instagram, you will find about one million different examples of neon signs that have been used for various occasions like as weddings, home design, and the advertising of businesses.

This is happening more frequently these days. The majority of the neon that you see in use today is an updated version of the original.

LED technology is being used by businesses such as BeneonUnicornNeon to create one-of-a-kind neon signs that stand out from the crowd. In the section of their website devoted to answering frequently asked questions, they cover the following topics:

"LED Neon updates the traditional neon tube with a more modern look and feel. To summarise, it consumes a lot less electricity, is much lighter, lasts for a longer period of time, and produces far more light. According to many individuals, LED Neon also generates a picture that is clearer and more sharply defined. This is not the vintage neon advertisement owned by your avuncular.

Traditional neon is displayed on the left, and cutting-edge LED neon signage is displayed on the right.

Justification No. 2: Put some emphasis on your company's emblem.


Your company's logo is the single most important factor in determining the success of your brand. Everything from the images to the layout to the colour scheme and other design elements all send a message about your brand. Creating a neon sign with the logo of your firm is similar to giving it a three-dimensional form.


When you first see your brand lighted, it will put a smile on your face and make your heart melt.


Thirdly, your clients will appreciate them (and spread the news), which will improve the visibility of your brand. When customers flaunt your neon, your brand's visibility will increase. You shouldn't be astonished if they swarm to your neon and publish an endless stream of selfies and short films about the experiences they had there.


To be of assistance to you, here is some guidance from others more experienced than you. Choose an amusing catch phrase or famous statement if you already have business signage with your company's emblem. We made the discovery that people who use social media are more likely to share and enjoy displays of this kind.


Consider the "Tacos do the booty good" neon sign from Tacos N Miches in Whittier, California. It is an example of a bright neon sign that is worthy of being photographed.


BeneonUnicorn Neon is the one who is accountable for this work. They have a distribution centre in San Antonio, Texas, and they offer free shipping to every location in the United States. More of their work is displayed here for your perusal.


Fourthly, it's a fantastic tool for the production of content.


You're here because you want to improve your performance on social media, right? Photos and videos taken against a bright background have a far higher chance of becoming widely shared on social media. It looks very polished and wonderful all at the same time.


Alamo Heights Nutrition in San Antonio, Texas, takes the cake when it comes to snapping images of their drinks with neon signage. They are the unrivalled champion in this category. Please go here to view their Instagram account.


They wanted their space to have a modern and sophisticated vibe, so they designed the inside to reflect that. They hung a white neon "What's Shakin" sign behind a wall of verdant grass that they had constructed. It is the ideal background for taking photographs of their colourful shakes and drinks.


The work in question was completed by BeneonUnicorn Neon



Fifthly, it is not difficult or expensive to place an order for a personalised neon sign. The price of a sign or the steps involved in placing an order are not insurmountable obstacles.


Companies such as BeneonUnicorn Neon promote that they can work with budgets as low as $99 and that they are delighted to serve the typical family, small company owner, or admirer of statement pieces. These are all demographics that they are happy to accommodate.


They've also made the procedure of ordering neon lights easier to understand and follow. Their website includes a tool called the Neon Builder, which allows users to design their own neon by experimenting with a variety of neon hues, fonts, and size possibilities. In addition, we provide pricing that is updated in real time.