How to Build Your Own LED Neon Signs ?

How to Build Your Own LED Neon Signs?

Cool, trendy, and adaptable are all words that describe neon signs. During the day and at night, they draw attention with their brightly coloured and lit designs.

The essential principle behind LED neon signs is the same as that of neon signs. The custom LED neon sign flex lights are what set them apart. Despite this, they're equally as eye-catching as traditional neon signs.

What's the most exciting part? Following a few simple steps, you may create your own LED lights neon sign for your business.

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Curious? This guide will teach you how to make an LED neon sign.

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Neon and halogen gases are commonly used in the production of neon signs. Electric currents activate the atoms in these gases, causing the molecules to glow.


However, neon signs can be pricey. Because of the fragility of glass, they can be a hassle to keep clean.


Compared to traditional neon lighting, LED neon signs are more aesthetically pleasing. LED neon flex lights are used instead of glass tubes because they are less expensive, more flexible, and more robust. In contrast to inert gas, which can be more assertive in some areas than others, they provide more uniform lighting.


It's surprising how few supplies you'll need for a do-it-yourself LED neon sign project. Among the things you'll need:


LED neon flex lights are available in RGB and RGBW colours, with the former being the more common. The RGBW is an excellent option if you want a more extensive range of colours for your sign.


The surface on which your signs will sit is a substrate or base—a wall, expanded PVC, wood, etc.


  • They are cutting tools for LED neon flex lights, such as wire cutters.


  • A 20-gauge conductor wire is good.


  • An assortment of threads on a spool


  • Towels for soldering


  • A drill with a handle


  • Adhesive


Flexibility in the design of your sign is made possible by using bendable LED neon flex lights. You can trim them to any length you want to get the exact form you want. Make your design more appealing by thinking about some quotations, such as for plant lovers, before you begin.

The neon lamp can be used to design neon walls and wall lights for home decor.

A hand-drawn sign sketch can be used, or CAD or illustrator software can be used instead. Because LED neon flex lights are jacketed, you'll want to leave plenty of living room between each letter.

The lights must be connected to a single circuit for the lights to work. Connecting each cut portion to the next is a requirement. Therefore, if you are using a cursive font for a written message, you should do so.


It's time to put your LED neon light sign together now that you have everything you need. Doing so can be accomplished by following the steps outlined below.


On a work surface, put your sign sketch.


Outline the drawing with the thread to get an idea of how much LED neon flex lighting you'll need.


A piece of LED neon flex lights can be cut by using the estimate. The lights can be damaged if the cuts are made incorrectly. There may be markings on the light strip to help you determine where to cut.


Lay out the LED neon flex lights on the sketch and cut each word or shape as you go along the length.


Create a series of holes by drilling through the end of each strip, where it meets the next.


Each time you cut a segment of LED neon flex lights, you exposed a new piece of conductor wire in the light strip. And then solder them both together once you've connected that connecting wire.


To conceal each connection, the soldering wire should be guided to the substrate's rear and re-threaded at the following letter or shape. This keeps the base/substrate connections hidden from view.


Put the LED neon flex lights in place with adhesive.


It's as simple as plugging in and turning on your sign after all sections are securely attached to the power source.




Your signage will be a source of envy to many. Great LED neon flex signs are made possible by using the proper LED flex neon lights. Once you've found a reputable manufacturer of high-quality LED neon flex lights, the rest is easy.