How to Create Your Own Neon Sign Display

How to Create Your Own Neon Sign Display

You can spruce up your wedding with a touch of class and brilliance by employing neon signage. 

In this essay, I will describe the most effective ways to incorporate neon into your wedding so that it stands out from the crowd. 

To begin, though, we will go through some principles for making your neon look as fantastic as possible.

"Less is More"

When setting up the ceremony and reception locations for a wedding, one of the most common mistakes that wedding planners make is going overboard with the decorations. 

It would help if you found a happy medium between being too modest and too dramatic in your approach. 

After all, would you not want some cheesy neon sign to steal the show on such a momentous occasion?

Keeping the neon sign straightforward will enable it to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed, which is to provide tasteful and sophisticated lighting for your wedding. 

The colour neon also serves as an emblem of the minimalist movement. 

You should utilise up to two colours that contrast with each other. 

Because of their joyful feelings, bright colours such as pink, red, and yellow are excellent choices for weddings. 

The use of white, the most popular colour, contributes to the neon sign maintaining its contemporary and stylish appearance.

Create Something New

Since it is your wedding, you should make it a big deal and let everyone know how you feel. 

Make a neon sign that conveys your style and preferences. 

You could be surprised by the effect that the typeface you choose has on the overall aesthetic of a space, so it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with a variety of typefaces. 

Choose a typeface with total capital letters or cursive if you want your sign to be noticed and considered seriously, depending on which you choose.

It is quite acceptable to portray your message with a kaleidoscope of colours. 

Although we did mention that utilising light and warm colours was the best bet if you have a themed wedding or you admire a specific colour, by all means, go with whatever strikes your fancy, brilliant green or hot pink. 

It is essential to experiment with several strategies until you discover a colour scheme and aesthetic you adore.

You'll find a lot more inspiration in the neon section of our website.


Get right up in someone's grill


Why get a personalised neon sign if it can't be tailored to reflect who you are as an individual? 

Please use your creativity to create something one-of-a-kind using your initials, a quote, or a pattern you design; we can make any concept a reality with our neon!

Assist the Guests in Getting Out!

Guests should only be allowed to roam around the venue during small weddings. 

Use neon signs that contain arrows, words, and symbols in various locations to ensure that everyone is aware of where they should be going at all times. 

We are aware of how important it is to effectively orient guests, which is why a number of the wedding neons that are the most popular among our customers are used for pointing in the right direction.

Use hashtags to identify your photographs


A significant advantage is an ability to choose the wording shown on customised neon signs. 

You may give the signage at your wedding a one-of-a-kind look by designing a hashtag with your initials and using it. 

You need to generate the hashtag on social media, and we will have a personalised neon sign made for you that is ready to be fastened to the wall or hung from the ceiling. 

If you choose a hashtag for your wedding, and your guests start posting images from the big day on social media, you can quickly and easily search through them by using the hashtag. This is the most excellent part of using a hashtag for your wedding. 

Before you post anything, you need to ensure that your viewers know it is available.


Photo Props


In addition, neon signs can be used significantly as backdrops in photo booths. 

When you place an order with us for a personalised neon sign, we will ensure that it comes with a remote dimmer so that you may alter the lights' brightness to complement your space's aesthetic. 

Our work is frequently done in conjunction with Shimmerwalls, a company that creates stunning sequin walls in various colours and finishes. 

When paired with our bespoke neon signage, Shimmerwalls are an excellent choice for any of your backdrop requirements, and we come highly recommended.


illumination of the dance floor


Everyone knows that the dance floor at a wedding reception is where some of the most memorable moments occur. 

To guarantee that the neon sign you order for the wedding's disco night will fulfil all of the specifications, you should have it custom-made. 

BeneonUnicorn provides customers with static neon and vibrant neon, sure to get the party going excitingly. 

Our neon can change colours on the fly, cycling through various colour gradients and fading between different brightness levels. 

Please continue reading for additional information about our flashing neon!

Even though making preparations for a wedding might be a bother, you can inject some excitement into the event by illuminating the night with shimmering neon signs. 

Please email us at with any queries you might have, and we will do our best to respond to them.