Neon Sign Proposal: "I Love You And So Do You "

This year, couples are expected to go above and beyond the traditional Valentine's Day fare of exchanging cards and flowers. 

Whether you are in the early stages of a new relationship or have been married for many years, it is evident that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express your affection.


Where do you intend to travel next? 

Despite their misuse and lack of originality, there are more efficient ways to express affection for someone than heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, perfume, and roses. 

Instead, before making your final decision, you should consider what they enjoy doing and how essential they are to you. 

Yet, in all seriousness, is anyone on earth dislike neon?



The use of neon may surprise the individual you wish to express your affection for. As neon love lights have historically been utilised to illuminate the world's darkest corners, what better way to say "you light up my life" than with an illuminated declaration of love? 

What could be more fitting than a glowing proclamation of love?

Before placing an order for a neon sign, you must carefully consider the sign's desired design. 

Make it timeless, enjoyable, or symbolic instead of something that could be charming today but frightening tomorrow. This is the success secret.

The recipient of your statement of affection will be able to keep it long after Valentine's Day has passed, and you have a wide range of possibilities in terms of colours and shapes to express your creativity. 

It may be a beloved line from a romantic film or as simple as "I love you" or "Happy Valentine's Day."

Neon is the eternal gift that keeps on giving.


The concept that shines in the dark

Given that an estimated 6 million individuals got engaged on February 14, 2013, we couldn't leave it out again, even though we already offer a similar service in the Wedding Neon part of our website.

This week, a Seahawks fan in the United States proposed to his fiancée with the entire house painted in the team's signature neon colours. 

Adding more neon lighting would have made it look even better; yet, the fans' efforts were practical because she said "yes."


I promised that it would succeed, and here it is! 

Valentine's Day neon signs are your best bet if you want to pop the question. 

A neon proposal is fantastic; most importantly, you may keep it in your home after the wedding. 

This is true whether you're proposing because you're too nervous to utter those three words and want a sign to do the talking or because you want a sign to do the talking.

If you want to buy your significant other a Valentine's Day gift that will continue to make them happy long after the holiday has passed, neon may be an excellent option for you to consider purchasing this year.