In An Enhancing World of Light

The most beautiful time of the year is drawing near; the power of neon lights will make it even more wonderful (and brighter) than it already is. 

In the spirit of sharing holiday cheer via the use of colour, we are here to show you some of our favourite Christmas BeneonUnicorn and to guide you through a neon maze.

When else other Christmas would neon be a suitable colour, if not this season? 

At BeneonUnicorn, we adhere to the time-honoured maxim that people's gaze is invariably pulled to the most brilliantly lit object. 

Neon is a fun material to work with, so why not use it to make unique presents for the people you care about, illuminate your home or place of business, or decorate your shop window?




Adding a little neon to your Christmas decorations is a simple and effective strategy for standing out from the crowd during the holiday season. 

Don't take decorating too seriously; just let your creativity run wild and eliminate all the red and green in your home for a more modern vibe.

When the weather outside is drab throughout the winter, giving your Christmas decorations a splash of neon will help them stand out more. 

On the other hand, we only advise going out and embellishing your house with neon lights and other trinkets (unless you share our obsession with the colour). 

It is possible to subtly use neon in your Christmas decorations, such as with the stag's heads below, the reindeer displayed on the mantle, and the brighter ornaments hung on the tree.


Presents That Have Been Individually Crafted with the Recipient in Mind


Whether shopping for a present for a friend, family member or loved one, you cannot go wrong with a personalised neon item. 

A one-of-a-kind piece of neon art or a saying that glows in the dark are two examples of personalised presents that will likely be well received.

The ability to customise the product makes it an ideal present to receive throughout the holiday season; neon may be utilised in various contexts in addition to the gift. 

To prepare for Christmas morning, you can prepare these present sacks by either hanging them at the end of the bed or placing them beneath the tree.

You may add a dash of colour to your presents by using colourful wrapping paper, Christmas gift bags, or even just a dab of neon on the ribbon or gift tags. These are all excellent options.

This year, instead of opting for the tried-and-true method of using brown wrapping paper covered with candy canes, you might want to try something more festive, such as brown wrapping paper with neon polka dots or a gift bag showing a neon winter wonderland.


Neon Signs Crafted For Your Business


Neon signs are a formidable competitor in holiday gifts and retail business décor. 

Over the previous few years, we've had the pleasure of being commissioned to create some remarkable BeneonUnicorn as Christmas presents; a few of our favourites are exhibited below.

"Honey, it's freezing outdoors..." 

This artwork was commissioned for a shop to lure customers in from the cold weather. 

We can only imagine how challenging it must have been to persuade consumers to leave the store after they had this fitted.

We had a lot of success with this as an exterior piece when we competed for the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood, and we think you will, too!

These are the newest version of our Christmas BeneonUnicorn for 2015; they look amazing sitting on a table, desk, or shelf to add a touch of neon to your celebrations of the holiday season.