LED Neon Bar Sign vs. Traditional Neon Bar Sign

If you want your brand to stick in the minds of consumers, it is common knowledge that you must give it a personality that is distinct from other brands in the market. 

Although branding is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign, developing a consistent brand identity is not necessarily as important as using catchy slogans and visually appealing advertisements to attract clients.

For your advertisements, regardless of their format, to become widely associated with your brand, you must ensure that your advertising strategy is tailored to attract your target audience and remains prominent in those individuals' thoughts.

Paddy Power's unique advertising approach employs controversial billboards and television commercials to promote discussion and interest in the company. 

Because of their commercials' hilarious nature, consumers will instantly recognise their brand whenever and wherever one of their billboards appears.




Even though billboards have existed since the late 1800s, modern technology has made it feasible to build more engaging and successful marketing campaigns for consumers. 

Companies that operate on a larger scale, such as Coca-Cola, have the resources necessary to develop and implement new marketing techniques.

After decades of employing Santa in their winter advertising, Coca-Santa Cola's Claus TV commercial has become synonymous with the "start" of the holiday season. Because the advertisement first aired in 1954, this is the case.

Smaller venues, such as bars, may find that LED or neon bar signage is more cost-effective than other methods for attracting customers' attention. 

One of small businesses' most significant marketing tactics is word-of-mouth, and a conspicuous sign can help spread the word.

In the 1970s, while the sex business in Soho was expanding, the late Chris Bracey helped to illuminate the area by receiving commissions from "...99% of every sex institution in Soho for twenty years." 

Around this time, Soho was known as "the most famous red light area in the world."


Which is more advantageous, LED Signs or Neon Signs? 


To aid you in selecting, we have evaluated and summarised the many benefits of each option.




The development of electric illumination in the early 20th century is mainly responsible for the widespread use of LED and business signs today. 

In the past, lights were conventional incandescent bulbs rather than LEDs; nevertheless, businesses such as the world-famous Moulin Rouge recognised that flashing lights attracted clients, resulting in a gradual increase in the brightness and diminutiveness of the bulbs that are used today. 

LEDs are a particular sort of light-emitting diode.

The capacity of LED bar signs to display virtually any type of information and the ease with which they may be updated are two of their key benefits. 

You may quickly implement price increases and promote limited-time promotions from the office of your bar without the assistance of a third party or extensive technical skills. 

You can perform one of these tasks conveniently from your office. 

LED bar signs are a terrific option if you need a sign that can be easily updated whenever necessary. 

Also, they are environmentally beneficial.

However, each of these comes with a price tag. 

Due to the need for existing infrastructure, light-emitting diode (LED)-based display signs are more expensive than conventional alternatives. 

Some have also questioned the lighting's capacity to catch the audience's attention effectively.


Early in the twentieth century, Jacques Fonseque saw the potential in neon advertising and founded his company to capitalise on it. 

Since that time, neon signs have been utilised extensively in advertising. 

Throughout the 1910s, Paris had not one but two stunning neon installations. 

One of the settings was the entrance to the Paris Opera, which was lit with neon tube lights. 

This was a direct outcome of the enormous neon sign advertising Vermouth Cinzano that shone brightly above the city and attracted great attention. 

At that time, neon signs were almost immediately connected with nightclubs and bars. 

It has occurred in films as disparate as Cocktail and Cars, and each time, it manages to spark the audience's curiosity. 

No matter what the Las Vegas sign deems appropriate behaviour, we have no objections.


Primary benefit that neon has over LEDs. 

Now more than ever, it is noticeable. 

Unlike an LED sign, which could be easily seen on a cloudy evening, a pub's neon sign is far more apparent. 

In addition, neon has a significantly more appealing sheen. 

The flashing of lights is one thing, but the plethora of colours and tones that may be mixed to create a neon sign can create something magnificent and eye-catching. 

In addition, neon lights have a longer lifespan than LED bulbs and therefore need to be replaced less frequently. 

Because of this, neon lights are the more cost-effective option for bar owners over the long term.

When the light is turned on, the entire neon tube illuminates, providing illumination in every direction. This comes as an added bonus with the neon bar sign. 

This is really beneficial for promoting during the evening. 

By lifting the tubes above the ground, neon light will emanate from all sides, making them shine brightly at night (shown above and below). 

In contrast, LED bar signs are composed of individual flat lights requiring a power source. 

This has the disadvantage that light can only be emitted in front of the source and not also from behind. 

This prevents the source from emitting light from behind.

Choose neon over LED for your company's lighting needs. You will have access to a considerably more extensive selection of colour tubes, making it more likely that you can realise the particular colour scheme you have in mind. 

Even while LED lights are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, their colour palette is less diverse than that of neon.

The drawback of the circumstance is that the neon sign remains attached to the base even when it is lifted significantly. 

It is crucial, however, to keep in mind the light's fundamental function; it is the one that shines the brightest. 

How frequently will you replace the neon sign that declares the name of your establishment if you run a bar with a neon sign hanging above the front door?

First impressions are crucial, and neon bar signs are undoubtedly effective at attracting customers and achieving the bar owner's primary goal. 

Even though light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have their place, this is the case (for showing prices and specials).