Neon Lights in Interior Design to Brighten Your House

Neon Lights in Interior Design to Brighten Your House

Even though neon signs have been popular for a long time, they are also becoming increasingly common in private dwellings. 

Adding neon accents is a fantastic way to breathe new life into any area and get people talking if you are seeking new ways to update your home's design and attract the attention of guests visiting your home. 

Look at these ideas for the design of your very own home inspired by neon.




Are you no longer able to tolerate sitting on the same old sofa? 

It would help if you experimented with some animated objects that will become the focal point of your living space. 

If you have white or magnolia walls in your living room or kitchen, then neon chairs and stools will look fantastic in those spaces. 

Be mindful not to go crazy with neon accessories; an excess of bright colours might make a room feel smaller than it is. 

To draw attention to this oversized contemporary chair from Amara, a vivid shade of orange, you can keep the rest of the room's furniture somewhat subdued. 

Individuals who wish to make an audacious and eye-catching statement in their homes without spending a fortune may find great success with neon furniture. 

Whether you opt for a monochromatic appearance or go all out with a variety of colours, as this Disco Chair does, you are sure to attract the attention of others.




If you don't want to go with neon furniture, add some modest items to give the room a dash of colour here and there. 

Use a blanket with bright greens and orange accents for a surprising juxtaposition of bold and classic hues; alternatively, mix neon pillows with a neutral-coloured sofa for the same effect. 

You should be okay with destroying the overall design of your home if you experiment with various neon accessory combinations. 

Other items for the home that can be decorated with neon include lighting fixtures, vases, and silverware.


Artwork on neon-coloured canvas


It has been said that the art you select to hang in your home reveals a great deal about your personality; if you have an outgoing personality, why not hang a neon canvas painting? 

Canvas prints are available in several sizes, allowing you to personalise your interior design and breathe fresh life into your walls. 

Landscapes and patterns presented in vivid, primary colours or geometric shapes are some examples of neon art. Again, a frightening design can be achieved by superimposing neon on an essential background (white or magnolia is appropriate here). 

Neon canvas art is excellent for studio flats, one-bedroom apartments, and even family dens because it represents the peak of contemporary design.




If you want to ease into neon interior design ideas but need more confidence to install a giant canvas print, you may use neon plant holders instead. Use these either outside or inside your home to improve the visual appeal of the plants or flowers you want to display. 

With either configuration, you can place these holders on the ground or suspend your plants from the ceiling. 

The contrasting and eye-catching hues of the neon holder guarantee that your flowers will attract attention.

If you want to add some neon to your home's decor but need help knowing where to begin, the examples given earlier could serve as excellent jumping-off places for you. It is impossible to goof up neon signs.