Neon music: where everyone wants their name up in lights

Neon music: where everyone wants their name up in lights, even the musicians

We strongly suspect that our audience members are not aware of the various neon music signs that musicians have purchased from us on commission to utilise in their album covers, music videos, and live performances.

Therefore, in this post, we will introduce you to a few of the more well-known bands and performers we've partnered with so far and explain how our BeneonUnicorn have contributed to the success of these acts by providing them with an edge in areas beyond sound alone. 

We will never stop reminding you of the universal truth that "Everyone wants to see their name up in lights," and talented musicians are not an exception to this rule.




The combination of white and green produces a glimmering radiance that must have given the arena an uplifting and refreshing vibe.




As can be seen in the main image, the very first shot of the music video for "Wings," which is currently the number one song in the United Kingdom, has a customised neon light in the shape of the letters "lm" in a light pink colour. 

Even though it only showed for a few seconds before disappearing, the neon music sign was a fantastic addition to the video, which made us very happy.




The neon 'The Feeling' sign, which had been constructed initially to adorn the album cover, was met with such a positive response from Island Records that the company decided to have a second one made for the lobby of their London offices.

We have reason to think that alternative rock band Lightning Seeds used this red and blue neon light while on the road for one of their tours. 

The band members, all of whom are from Liverpool, are fans of two different football clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC, and the sign's colours are meant to depict the animosity between them. 

We may never find out.

The neon artwork of Nicole's name was written in a handwritten style, and it was stunning to look at. It exuded personality. 

We have no idea how Nicole put this to use, but we are sure she will value it highly for the rest of her life.

This sign of the Hip-Hop artist's name was utilised while he was on tour, and it became even more enticing to the artist's fans due to the standard neon colours and cartoon-style explosion signs placed over each word.

The superbly crafted neon sign constructed for one of the Indie artists' tours and featuring Baxter Dury's name in lights was likely responsible for lighting up the venues and contributing to the outstanding overall performance. The sign was made for one of the tours of the Indie artists.

It's possible that he just wanted to improve the overall appearance of his home, which is why he placed this order.

Our team made this "heart-melting" one-of-a-kind neon sign as the cover art for the single "Careless" by Jack Beats. Our goal was to highlight neon's stunning contrast against dark backdrops. 

It is clear from the cover art that the artist has some relationship with the neon green colour

Manchester-based singer Bipolar Sunshine commissioned this stunning sign in yellow and white for one of his tours in the United Kingdom.

We were pleased with how the sign turned out, particularly in light of its diminutive dimensions, and it made us happy to learn that AlphaBeat will be putting it to good use.

Another example of the clever use of neon lighting to lure listeners is shown here.

We created this sparkling white neon sign with custom neon name in two rectangle boxes for one of his solo tours after he gained prominence as the lead vocalist of theUSA indie rock band Bloc Party. Kele's solo tour was in the USA.

On the testimonials part of our website, you can learn more about the excellent experiences we've had with these and other customers who are happy with our services. 

We are looking forwards to creating a significant number of additional BeneonUnicorns in the future. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed both this post and the one we prepared for our customers.