Neon sign for wedding trends to keep an eye out for in 2022

Neon sign for wedding trends to keep an eye out for in 2022

Adding neon signs to weddings has long been a popular trend, but people have become increasingly attracted to these signs' retro-cool vibes in recent years.

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If you're looking for romantic neon sign themes to incorporate into your wedding ceremony or reception, we've rounded together 12 of the most popular. Check out the links below for further information!

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1. Celebrating The Work of Art


Beautiful backdrops for sweet couple photographs like "To the moon and back" or "It was always you" are excellent for wedding receptions! These can surround floral wreaths or vivid greenery, or you can hang them on traditional black curtains and snap pictures. You'll never run out of people taking adorable photos with them, whether you put them in a photo booth or just on a side wall.


2. The use of imagery and visuals in the design process


Using neon signs does not necessitate the use of words. Additionally, they can include pictures or symbols. You can't go wrong if you choose dazzling fluorescent pink or glowing red hearts for your wedding.

Alternatively, how about a set of interlaced rings? They're all sure to brighten up your big day with a splash of colour and personality.


3. The use of overused cliches is still widespread

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Is there anything more cliched than the phrase "Happily ever after?" in a love story? If so, please share it with us in the comments below! A neon sign at your wedding will bring it to life! Only when these phrases are illuminated by neon lights in a wedding setting people cannot help but gasp in awe.


4. Bright lights will highlight your new name


As many ladies still aim to change their surnames when they marry their significant other, the new name illuminated behind the pair is a lovely sight!! Using neon signage as a reminder of the union between the two newlyweds is a great way to do this.


5. Neon lights' future lies in customisation and personalisation


In the past, neon light signs were pre-made and sold in pre-set configurations. Customization for customers is becoming increasingly important in today's corporate world. Most components of a wedding neon sign can now be customized by the couple, including anything from the text to the colours and font size.


6. The importance of affordability and accommodating a range of price points


The issue of price is another trend that the neon light industry is coming to embrace. New providers are springing up that can better serve a broader range of customers at a lower cost. Numerous prospective customers would like to have neon lights at their wedding but cannot spend the dollars necessary to make this a reality.

Instead of having your full names emblazoned over a wall in bright lights, go for something more modest, like just using your initials. Despite its concision, adding some atmosphere lighting is an excellent approach while maintaining a sense of individuality.

It will make a far more significant impact in its neon sign form! Set it up in the photo booth or hang it over the couple's table; you will get plenty of Instagram-worthy images.

Make your wedding sign stand out from the crowd by using a variety of colours! Neon light colour options are no longer limited to a single hue. This makes it more appealing to the eye and amplifies its vibrancy and sense of fun. Rainbow-coloured neon lights are becoming increasingly fashionable for unconventional weddings.

7. A text that does not follow a linear progression

Think outside the box when conveying a message with just a few lines of text. Wedding symbols like hearts and rings can seamlessly combine with your favourite words and phrases. This neon sign attracts a lot of attention and admiration, and we've seen it happen a lot!


8. Designs that are incredibly intricate and well-done


Custom Neon sign manufacturing methods have evolved dramatically as technology has progressed. Creating more complex, finely detailed designs is now more accessible than ever. LED neon sign is preferable to the more classic glass neon to achieve precise curves and delicate forms. When done correctly, this may produce stunning neon wedding signs!


9. Multiple neon signs cover the walls of the feature rooms


Having a photogenic feature wall at your wedding is a popular choice for many couples who want to host a spectacular bash for their guests. It is possible to create a photo backdrop or a focus point around a vital photograph, such as a picture of the bride and groom, by using many little (or enormous!) neon signs.

This year's wedding trends are being closely monitored, and neon lights are one of the most prominent ones. Neon signs are common at weddings and celebrations worldwide, whether as a backdrop, a focal point, or even an entrance motif.

Hire or buy a neon sign if you're in the middle of organizing your wedding, and we promise that you and your guests will adore it!