Personalised Neon Signs - Beneon Unicorn Neon Sign Design

Personalised Neon Signs - Beneon Unicorn Neon Sign Design


Using a unique, custom-made neon sign that is memorable, fascinating, and eye-catching is an efficient approach for drawing individuals into a home or business.

Beneon Neon knows how important it is for you and your consumers, so we pay special attention to the production process while creating custom neon signs are handcrafted based on your specifications.

Due to their exceptional contour-cut backing, the LED neon lights we custom-make for our clients are the best in their category.

Without sacrificing the overall quality of the product, we will ensure that you receive a customized version that fulfils all of your specifications. 

We will employ professionals with extensive education and training in this field. Lights that are Not Only Extraordinary but also Tailored to Your Particular Needs

The installation of our one-of-a-kind neon lights is relatively easy, and they are not only lightweight but also highly energy efficient.

One of the numerous benefits they provide is a reduction in energy use.

Beneon Unicorn Neon Sign


Economic viability


The purchase of neon lighting signs is a fantastic investment when it comes to decorating the interior of a commercial or residential property.

You may be concerned that your personalized neon sign would consume too much energy. However, these lights are designed to last for a considerable amount of time and need very little electricity to function.

They have low total power consumption, making them environmentally beneficial. Thus, they contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.



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Even if not correctly maintained, custom neon signs have a remarkable lifespan, as they can continue functioning for many years.

Our custom neon will indeed be there for over a decade, but even after all that time, it will still appear as if it were built yesterday!

Our LED Neon Signs Can Be Customized to Meet Your Specific Requirements! Beneon Neon is committed to providing high-quality customised lighting effects, whether for your office, home, or another personal location.

Our designers will invest a considerable amount of time in each project to provide lighting solutions that are unique and adapted to the client's prefered colour palette and lighting arrangement.

You can select whatever font style you desire for a neon sign you commission. You can customize your neon sign with the numerous available components, transforming it into an original and one-of-a-kind ornament for your home or company.

We want our clients to feel that they can be creative with the signage they select, and we will do everything in our power to guarantee this is the case while still meeting their demands.


How Can We Help You with the Fabrication of Your Neon Sign?

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Beneon Neon can assist you with the production of your very own custom neon sign, with a turnaround time that is both rapid and efficient. We will do our power to meet the specifications you have outlined for your neon sign.

There is no assignment we cannot manage, regardless of its colors and size. Our staff is well-informed and entirely committed to ensuring the enjoyment of every client. 

Please let us know if you have any other specific recommendations or want to research the many available options.

We are committed to giving you the support you need to create your sign and realize your vision.




Our designers will collaborate with each client at each stage of the design process to construct a neon sign that is within their budget and meets their specifications.

Due to our considerable experience in this industry, we can implement your neon sign designs. We make neon signs and lights of the highest quality according to your demands!

Beneon Neon recognizes the importance of exceptional craftsmanship in developing custom lighting for commercial and residential spaces.

As a result, we take additional care throughout production to ensure that you receive a durable neon sign of the most excellent possible quality that meets all your specifications.

We adhere to the strictest requirements regarding the LED Neon Signs and Custom Neon Lights that we produce.

In addition, we have a large selection of prefabricated neon signs that may be customized for any purpose imaginable, including wedding ceremonies, children's nurseries, and the exhibition of national flags.

Our designers are here to assist you if you require any assistance with your work. Our prefabricated designs are ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement with their lighting in any room of their home or office. They are available for purchase on this page.

Moreover, they serve admirably as decorations for parties and other special occasions. 

Because they are transported directly from our warehouse for delivery, they could be delivered very quickly.

Since our neon signs may be used for various purposes, you should have no trouble locating one that complements your personality.

It doesn't matter if you need them for a birthday party, if you want some fun-themed décor in your home, or if you need a logo for your office; there is something unique and ideal for everyone's tastes here.


Specifically intended for usage in business settings

Beneon Neon is aware that for a firm to be successful, it must possess a competitive advantage over its rivals in the same industry.

Neon lights are a terrific method to boost the aesthetics of your business and attract people's attention.

Use this to your advantage by putting some of it in your store's window! Put your company's name in neon lights on this eye-catching sign, then observe as your business logo receives the attention it deserves!

Beneon Neon is committed to aiding businesses in attaining their branding and goals through distinctive lighting, and we are here to help you.

Since we have worked in the neon lighting industry for many years, we would enjoy the opportunity to assist you in distinguishing your business from competitors and making an indelible impression on your customers.



Our broad range of neon lights stimulates creativity when establishing a lasting impression on your event attendees or business clients.

Developing good connections with our clients is, in our experience, the most efficient method to meet their lighting and sign needs. 

This enables us to deliver results that are most consistent with client expectations.

We supported and assisted various establishments, including restaurants, pubs, sports facilities, office buildings, and corporate events, to achieve their goals.

If you need some wall text ideas to get your employees excited about your company or if you want to increase brand recognition among your customers, our neons, which come in several colours and styles, are the most excellent option.

The pre-drilled holes in each lamp make it easy to hang the lights in any desired spot.

Numerous owners of bars and cafes have complimented us for the aid our signs provide in attracting guests and endowing their establishments with a unique allure that fosters the creation of exceptional experiences and contributes to brand identification.

Our signage can be used to capture people's attention to an upcoming event or product while simultaneously infusing a site with vibrancy.

With our aid, you can differentiate your firm from its competitors and create an image that connects with clients on multiple levels.

Do You Need Assistance With Your Project Involving Neon Signs?


Beneon Neon is your one-stop shop for all things connected to neon! We will take the time to discuss your needs with you since we understand how important it is for owners of commercial and residential properties to choose the appropriate neon sign or prefabricated sign for their establishment.

We request that you provide us with the opportunity to assist you, as the quality of our service is unmatched.


Why You Should Make Use of LED Neon Signs Offered by Beneon Neon

We do not take any shortcuts regarding the quality of our products, which gives us a great deal of pride compared to other businesses in our field that create neon lights.

We can guarantee that the signs we design for you will always be of the finest quality because we only utilize premium materials.

Not only do our personalized lights have a longer lifespan than those offered by other companies, but they also have a less carbon impact, are of higher quality, and are more affordable.

When you purchase from us, you can save a significant amount of money because we provide high-end alterations and alternatives that are easier on the customer's wallet for clients looking for exceptional products that won't break the bank.

We are professionals at generating customized lighting solutions for every one of our clients. 

We accomplish this by employing industry-standard production procedures and components.

We can fulfil any requirement for prefabricated, ready-to-ship products or custom-made, customer-specified signs.

Beneon Neon is committed to offering services of the finest possible quality at reasonable pricing. We will do our utmost to satisfy your budgetary limits.

Contact us immediately, and we will work with you to construct the neon sign that best meets your needs.