Personalised neon signs for Your Business or Event

Personalised neon signs for Your Business or Event


Personalized neon signs for names are becoming increasingly popular as home decor items in homes, weddings, workplaces, and many other places.

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Because they're an innovative, fashionable, and eye-catching method of drawing attention to a specific location, they're an adequate substitute for conventional signage. 

Personalized neon signs for names are becoming increasingly popular, whether for a wedding, engagement, birthday party or as a man-cave/bedroom/rumpus sign. We're getting more and more inquiries about this.

If you're looking for high-quality text neon signs that can be used for various purposes, BeNeon Unicorn Neon Light Signs is here to help. 

To begin with, how do our neon signs even work? 

What is the process by which the hues of their clothing are created? 

What's more, why should you get one instead of more conventional forms of advertising? 

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How are neon signs powered?

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Let's take a closer look at the science behind neon signs and see what we can learn from it. 

Glass tubes filled with a small amount of neon gas make up neon lights. 

The atoms of the gas glow when an electric voltage is applied to electrodes at either end of these tubes.


This voltage gives a free electron kinetic energy, allowing it to the positively charged gas atoms. 

The light you see results from the overall mix of positive and negative icons allowing the electrical current to flow through.


LED Neon Light is a new lighting technology that's very similar to glass neon but without many of the drawbacks of that material with energy efficient

LED flex lighting mimics the look of glass neon lights while avoiding the rigidity of glass. LED flex lighting uses advanced LED technology and materials to achieve this look. 

Ultra-bright LED lights with nearly identical wavelengths are used in these devices to ensure a constant light output. 

Lighting can shine outwards because of the PVC casing's reflective properties.

As a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional neon lighting, we at BeNeon Unicorn Neon Designs use LED Flex technology. 

Light-emitting diode (LED) flex lighting is much safer, more durable, easier to instal, and lasts significantly longer than traditional light-emitting filament (LED).

What is the process by which the colour of neon text lights is achieved?

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No text lights can produce a wide range of colour variations because of the laws of physics. 

A more efficient way of removing electrons is to "excite" them instead of removing them by causing kinetic collisions. 

When electrons return to their original orbital level, the energy is transferred to a light particle, resulting in a glowing appearance. 

The wavelength of a light particle is determined by the difference in energy between its orbitals.

What about the LED Flex? 


The colour of a Custom LED neon signs is determined by the materials used to create the tiny semiconductor elements that make up the light. 

A specific shade of colour can be achieved by slightly altering the alloy composition used in the production of semiconductors.

When it comes to advertising, neon signs are better than traditional signs.

Text neon signs have several advantages over other types of signage. 

The fact that they can last up to two years longer than traditional signs powered by incandescent light bulbs is just one of the many reasons to go with this more modern option instead of the more traditional one. 

LED signs are handcrafted, typically just highly bright, lack the subtlety and cosiness of neon signs. 

This also results in a lower electricity bill, which is a big plus for neon signs!

In contrast to painted or printed signs, text neon signs can be seen at night without the need for additional lighting, and they're undoubtedly a more modern way of displaying your brand name.

Create Custom Neon Name Signs for Your Business Logo or Event to improve customer service with brightness settings.


Customize your neon light using our interactive tool


For the first time, BeNeon Unicorn Neon Signs is offering an online neon light configurator that can be used to design your custom neon signs with free shipping! 

A simple yet powerful platform allows you to see exactly how your text neon sign will look before you order it, and it's easy to mix and match colours and designs until you get the perfect product.

The first step is to decide on a text, such as a first or last name. 

If you type in your first or last name, the visualization will automatically update and make your name visible. 

Then select from a wide range of fonts, including spaced text and script writing. 

Opt for classic blue, pink, or something entirely different for your neon lights.

Transparent cut-to-shape mounting or a transparent rectangular mounting behind your neon text sign is your following options. 

They're both popular choices! 

Finally, decide on the sign's dimensions. 

There are three options: a small 50cm wide sign, a medium 90cm wide one, and a large 140cm wide one. 

There is a wide range of pricing options available to you as well.

Changing the configurator's background lets you choose from various styles, including brick walls, wood panelling, a white bedroom, and many other options. 

This is a great way to understand how your sign will look where you intend to place it!

Let's get started on your personalized neon sign today!

Have you liked to own one of these beautiful neon signs? 

Want to add a little sparkle to a room by shining your name in the light? 

Get started immediately with our online neon light configurator at BeNeon Unicorn Neon Signs! 

Contact our team directly if you have any questions or want to discuss your project in more detail, including how we can work together to create custom neon text signs.