Personalized neon signs in wedding decoration

Personalized neon signs in wedding decoration

The letter 'Q' is what everyone is talking about these days. Everything neon is up for debate on our blog, so feel free to bring it up! 

Quality is of the utmost importance whether your LED neon will be displayed for a short period (as in the case of a wedding neon) or for the remainder of the time (as in the case of interior décor or a company sign).

The level of craftsmanship that goes into LED neon signs separates them from the other products on the market and gives them their one-of-a-kind character, just as it is with other luxury goods such as shoes, makeup, and wine.

In this article, I will describe the various aspects of making a great neon sign so that you will know what to look for the next time you shop for the perfect sign. 

There will be a discussion on the many types of glass neons, LED neons, production techniques, and certification for LED lights. Additionally, there will be a display of LED signs of varying quality levels.

Please allow me to go back to the beginning of the story. 


Can you give me an explanation about glass neons?


You might already be aware of this, but neon was a revolutionary gas used to produce glass neon signs in the 1980s. 

The word "neon" comes from the vivid red colour of glass neon was created by exposing the glass to neon gas.

In the past century, there has been little advancement in the technology utilized to make glass neons. 

Glass tubes are utilized throughout the manufacturing process of neon signs. 

The tint of the tubes is derived from a gas contained within them, often neon or mercury. 

The gaps between the letters are produced by coating the glass tubes in an opaque black tone.

The production of glass neons is relatively easy and resource-intensive. 

Glass neons, which are used in the signs, have several problems, including the fact that they are challenging to set up and move, consume excessive electricity, and rapidly become too hot to touch. These are just a few of the numerous drawbacks associated with the signs. 

To add insult to injury, they make an incredible amount of noise, their electric body life is very brief, and they present a considerable risk to anyone who is in the vicinity of them.


LED Neon Signs


PVC, which is both pliable and sturdy, is the material that is used to manufacture LED neons. 

LEDs, a safer and more energy-efficient alternative to the gas-filled tubes used in traditional neon signs, are being used for the electrical and coloured components of the sign. 

The silicone sleeve wrapped around the LED ribbon in LED neon gives them their vivid colour.

LED neon signs are not all made equal.

Cutout text or graphics are affixed to an acrylic backing, and a low-quality LED sign is created using this method. 

The number of LED sign production companies that use the more complex approach of carving the Design into the acrylic board needs to be improved compared to the number of companies that manufacture LED signs in general. 

A refined method, this one results in designs and signs that are robust and dependable while also achieving a high level of precision in their execution.


In preparation for the Design to be applied to the Acrylic Board


Most LED neon studios adhere the graphics to the board using the industry-standard glueing practice. 

In this instance, the sign is created by adhering a sticker bearing the Design to the reverse side of an acrylic board. 

The LED ribbon is safeguarded by a sleeve made of silicone, and the wording on the sign is hand-cut before being affixed to a supporting board.

Advantages: It's an easy and affordable way to solve the problem.

This method results in a less-than-perfect copy of the original sign design, which is a drawback. 

Because of the haphazard method by which the letters are attached to the board, some may be crooked or otherwise flawed.


Making Boards With Carved Designs


During the production process, the Neonsit uses a method known as board carving. 

In order to accommodate the LED light ribbon that will be included in the Design of the sign, the acrylic board is now being sliced. 

After that, the LED is positioned to hide inside the silicone tube.


These stunning designs for signs are not only simple to reproduce but also very high quality.

On the signage, there are no shadows or dark areas.

Signs are exceptionally tough and may be moved around with the minimal risk of them being damaged.


We don't know what to say in this unfortunate situation. 

On the other hand, the cost of the superior product does not necessarily reflect its level of quality.


Clearance for the Use of LED Displays


Because LEDs emit electricity, it is essential to ensure that your sign has the appropriate certification if it is to be displayed in a room that is intended for use by children.

The BeneonUnicorn exclusively uses LEDs that have been granted the necessary approvals to function correctly:

Directive 2002/95/EC, more commonly referred to as the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances," was drafted in the European Union to limit the presence of some hazardous substances in consumer electronics. The directive's goal was to protect consumers from the adverse health effects of exposure to these substances (known as EEE).

The CE marking guarantees that a product satisfies basic requirements for the protection of public health, public safety, and the environment if it is sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). 

The CE label will also be affixed to any goods produced to the standards of the EEA but sold in markets that are not part of the EEA.

After being turned on for thirty-six hours, every sign from The BeneonUnicorn is put through a battery of testing to guarantee that it satisfies the requirements for certification. 

Once the sign has been examined and determined to meet the requirements, it will be delivered to the purchaser.


LED's Superior Light Quality


The term "LED" refers to a strip of lights made up of several individual LEDs placed very near to one another. 

If the LED lights are of low quality, they could pose a risk. 

Even not long after production had ended, we observed several indications that did not shine with the same intensity.

Suppose you want your sign to shine brightly and uniformly over an extended length of time. In that case, you must ensure that you regularly demand evidence of the LED manufacturer's quality. 

The high-quality neon LED completely and evenly illuminates the entire sign.


The Superiority of Red LED Signs in Quality


Let's look at some bad examples of LED neon, shall we?

There needs to be more uniformity in the lettering on the sign. 

Instead of being hacked apart and refashioned, the LED was merely bent. 

Consequently, certain letters, such as B and S, are more solid than others.

White is the appropriate colour for the sign to be in. 

This sign appears to have a bluish tint because many of the LED bulbs illuminating it has burned out. 

The appearance can be attributed to the low quality of the LEDs. 

One probable cause is the incorrect utilization of a power adaptor in some way.

The building of this sign could be of better quality overall. 

Reading the sign puts a strain on the readers' eyes. 

The power cord, which is black and white and easily visible, contributes to the product's overall appearance, which is rough and unfinished. 

The overall appearance could be more pleasing to the eye.




In this screenshot, a brand-new sign was created, and this is the resulting image. 

The characters in lowercase have been jumbled, and there is a noticeable black zone in the letter "r."


The Highest Quality LED Neon Signs


What characteristics set an LED sign apart from others and make it unique? 

Imagine your favourite saying being put out by a calligrapher in beautiful handwriting. 

You can get a feel for how harmonious the lines are, how easy it is to move around, and how naturally things flow. 

A perfect LED sign should have the same airy and consistent feel as this one. 



neon bar sign created to order


To briefly go over this again, here are some of the characteristics that define high-quality LED neon:

It is necessary to conduct tests to ensure that the LED lights are risk-free. The LED lights must come from a trustworthy supplier.

A carving of the neon design needs to be made into the acrylic board. Signs must be both aesthetically beautiful and readable.

It is essential to avoid any imperfections in the illumination of the neon light, particularly at the beginning of the process.

The Design of the neon ought to be light and uncomplicated. The BeneonUnicorn is a mythical creature that is a unicorn with just the right amount of neon.

At The BeneonUnicorn, we only take shortcuts to get the job done. 

Rachel, an Industrial Engineer and co-founder of The BeneonUnicorn, put in tremendous effort to guarantee that the final product is of the highest possible quality. 

Rachel goes above and beyond to ensure that clients of The BeneonUnicorn have a great experience. She does this by acquiring high-quality materials, implementing quality control methods at the manufacturing studio, and simplifying the purchase and shipping processes, among other things.


Methods by which we create various things


When we first had the idea for The BeneonUnicorn Production Studio, we prioritized ensuring the high quality of our signs. 

In fabricating our LED neon signs, we first carve the original Design directly into the acrylic board. Next, we insert the LED tube and silicon cover into the resulting niche. This sets us apart from other LED neon sign suppliers, who glue the design pieces onto the glass board. 

Because of our unique manufacturing technique, we can produce neon signs of the finest possible quality that are almost impossible to differentiate from the original personalized work. 

Our LED signs are illuminated consistently throughout the entire surface, which is an added benefit.

We are publishing this article in the hopes that you will read it, gain some insight into the quality of LED signage, and then utilize that knowledge to purchase the best possible quality.

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us and ask any questions; we are happy to share the vast amount of information we have accumulated over the years regarding the production of LED neon.

Is this the time for you to start becoming brilliant? 

Read on to learn more about the neon art customization choices provided by The BeneonUnicorn, or stop by our shop to purchase magnificent artwork that has already been created. 

You have nothing to worry about because we are here to support you.