Place LED Neon Signs in Your Bar to Attract Customers in Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is over, several businesses in the hotel industry are reporting a decrease in the number of guests. 

As a bar proprietor, what can you do in the first month of the year to entice customers to return? 

This could prove quite tricky considering the number of people who make it a point to give up drinking alcohol during January. 

On the other hand, there are circumstances in which you have to rely on the appropriate form of marketing.

For just this reason, bars need to have neon signage. Following the conclusion of the holiday season, this essay will cover the potential uses of neon lighting to entice customers to return to your bar.

The following are three effective avenues that you could pursue.




Live music could be the solution for businesses that struggle to entice customers back into their establishments throughout January. 

Attending a performance being put on by a local artist is not only a fun way to spend time but also a proven method to get noticed. 

If you want to let people know about a live concert you will be hosting at your bar, hanging up a neon sign is an excellent way.

Because of their vivid hues and blinking lights, neon signs have a long and fruitful history in advertising. This is because they immediately attract the attention of those walking by. 

In January, if you want to draw in more customers, a neon sign advertising live music may do the trick.

Get in touch with artists and people who organise events in the local region so that you can talk about the possibilities of putting on a show. Then please entrust us with creating a neon sign for your establishment.



Customers can be enticed back into your company through various channels, including promoting new sales. 

After the dreary months of winter, neon sign advertising sales in January are an excellent way to perk people up and get them in the shopping mood. 

Notify the local community if you will be providing a discount, especially if it will be a large one, such as a 20% price reduction on a selection of food and drink goods. 

They might be interested in perusing your bar and the drinks that you have available for purchase.

At BeNeonUnicorn, we offer various neon products, including bespoke neon sign designs and ready-made neon for you to browse and buy.



Another possibility to consider for January is having your firm's symbol lit up in neon. 

In addition to letting potential clients walking by know that you are open for business, this also establishes your bar as a suitable facility capable of catering to your customers' requirements.

Our company can craft a one-of-a-kind sign for your shop windows. Consumers will notice this, increasing the likelihood that they will come in for a beverage or two.

If you are considering having a neon sign designed for your company or having one installed this year, you should save time getting in touch with us. You can count on our assistance.