Places Within Your Company Where A Neon Sign Might Look Its Best

If you adorn your place of business with suitable lighting, it does wonders for your company's brand recognition. 

Due to this, many companies are investing in LED neon signs and customizing them to represent their brands better. 

It is crucial to have a thorough grasp of the position within your business where the neon sign will draw the most customers' attention.

BeNeonUnicorn offers a team of experts who have supported hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs with neon sign installation. 

They are, therefore, knowledgeable about the optimal placements for a neon sign in your place of business and can assist you in determining where it should be placed. 

Then please enable us to be of assistance. Where is the Best Location in the Workplace to Display a Neon Sign? Here is a list of the ideal sites for mounting a neon sign for your business:


1. Embellish the Welcome Area with a Variety of Decorations

The entryway is the initial point of contact between your firm and potential clients and guests. A neon sign advertising your business would therefore look fabulous in that position. 

Make a one-of-a-kind neon sign with your company's logo, motto, and slogan, and place it in the lobby to demonstrate your gratitude for your client's patronage.

Installing a neon sign in a business's foyer is one method of advertising that can be used. You can customise the sign for your business so that it contains a summary of the services you offer. 

Consumers will have a favourable first impression of your company if attractive LED lights at the entrance illuminate its neon sign. This is a beautiful method for making a favourable first impression.


2. Before the Store


You may add a neon sign for your business in the establishment's front window. This will be evident to everyone passing your store on foot or in a vehicle. 

With its flashing lights and other eye-catching elements, a neon sign in front of your store will help people remember your brand and make it simpler to recognise.

A neon sign identifying the firm as a restaurant could be placed before a business to attract hungry consumers. 

Due to their vibrant colours and contemporary style, neon signs for companies can also provide nocturnal visitors with visual enjoyment. Because the lighting is so brilliant, your clients will be impressed when they enter your store.


3. Behind the counter, along the wall


If you wish to promote your business with a neon sign, the optimal location is behind the counter. 

The neon sign hanging on the bar's wall may prominently display the company's name to provide the idea that the business is more reputable. 

Constructing an eye-catching piece of wall art is feasible by exhibiting a collection of neon signs bought from local businesses. You should utilise one of these images as the background image for your website.


4. Provide your guests with a tour of your business.


Why not take advantage of the fact that neon signs for businesses can be placed nearly anywhere and use them to direct clients throughout your business?

A neon sign reading "reception" can be erected in the lobby, and a sign reading "stairs" can be posted next to the stairwell to aid guests in navigating the building. 

Neon signs are used to direct clients to specific departments within businesses. This is a modern means of communicating with guests inside and outside the establishment.


5. At the summit of the cosmos


A neon sign advertising your business would look great above the structure. A rooftop sign illuminated with Neon can be seen for miles at night. It is visible from all vantage points in the city, including the sky and high-rise apartments.

Pick a pole on the rooftop of your business and install the neon sign there to attract the most significant amount of customers.

Take the required precautions to ensure the neon sign is resistant to the elements (sun, snow, and rain). There is the option of protecting the neon sign with a transparent canopy.


6. Proximity to both the living room and the kitchen.


Put an eye-catching neon sign promoting your business near the individuals you wish to notice.Use amusing neon signs for this purpose, as their light will not cause passersby to squint or lose night vision.

Whether your cafe, bar, saloon, or lounge, a neon sign for your business can help create a soothing environment for your guests. 

In addition to enhancing the area's aesthetic value, it will provide customers with a unique backdrop for photographs and videos.

Spreading eye-catching neon signage around your establishment's dining and lounging sections is a terrific means of advertising your business. 

This signage should, in some manner, pay homage to your company's name or logo. 

You can increase foot traffic if you ask clients to take selfies in front of your establishment's neon sign and publish them on social media.


7. Encircling the Window Pane


Is conveying to them that you're approachable essential? Put your business's advertisement on a neon sign and hang it in the window. 

Several businesses, including bookstores, restaurants, arcades, video rental shops, and convenience stores, use this strategy to publicize their business hours and attract clients.

Pedestrians and motorists will be drawn to the open neon sign at night. The glass window will add to an increase in the neon sign's luminosity and overall aesthetic appeal.

How Can One Determine the Appropriate Location for a Neon Sign? This expert advice will help you determine where the neon sign for your firm should be placed:


8. Is It Visible to Other Individuals?


Does the sign have a good enough view for visitors at the potential location you're looking into? It should be easy to identify the ideal locations. Because of this, it is prudent to place a neon sign over the store's entrance and on the top of the building.


9 Is It Possible That We Need To Get Its Message?

It should come as no surprise that hanging a sign that says "Stairs" near actual stairs is the best possible location for the sign. This is a common component of directional neon signs for companies, particularly those that include arrows and names in their design. Check to see that you are being routed to the right level of the building where you need to go.


10. Is It Annoying to Anybody Else?

It is essential to remember that neon signs used for companies are incredibly bright and should not be positioned in areas where they could potentially dazzle passing customers. Placement of neon signs in calming colours such as blue, lavender, pink, and white is ideal for positioning close to areas designated for dining or sitting. The muted tones of these colours won't distract anyone at all.

Either the neon sign must be moved out of the way, elevated to a higher position, or both. Your neon sign may include a dimmer switch or be dimmed using a remote.

Is It Risky To Use LED Neon Signs In The Working Environment?

In severe environments, LED neon signs can be employed without concerns. None of the Neon, argon, or mercury gases is utilised in producing neon signs employed in commercial settings. Low-power LED bulbs now generate light for the neon sign. LED lights eliminate potential dangers and are better for the environment.

You and your clients need not worry about neon signs for businesses as they neither glow nor make any noise. After installing your neon sign, you may relax and reap its benefits without worrying about potential dangers.

In conclusion, neon signage for businesses can help you get your name recognized. The signage will improve the look of your store and draw in more customers thanks to their bright colors and stylish patterns. But, to get the benefits of a neon sign, it must be placed strategically.

Neon signs for businesses work best when placed where everyone can see them. The sign's colors and light should permeate the room unimpeded. Now that you know where to put up a neon sign for your company, go over to BeNeonUnicorn Neon to do some shopping or work on your sign.