Selecting a Neon Sign Requires Consideration of the Following

Selecting a Neon Sign Requires Consideration of the Following

Before picking up your completed neon sign, there are a lot of factors to consider, regardless of whether the sign is for your house, place of business, or a special event. 

Before we can start creating your neon sign, there are a few crucial factors you must consider. 

BeneonUnicorn will do all possible to make it appear just as you envisioned, but in the interim, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You wouldn't want to place an order for a great neon sign if you expected to change your mind about the colour within a few weeks. 

If you want to make a neon sign with us, please read on for tips on the many design considerations you should make before beginning the project.




Once you have established that acquiring a neon sign is an investment you are interested in making, the following step is to evaluate how much disposable income you have available. 

This knowledge may come in handy during the planning phase so that you save your hard-earned money.

Depending on the desired colour, size, and backing material, we may charge you a price ranging from extremely little to high. 

For a plain and small sign, our pricing begins at roughly $350.

If you have a decent concept of how much you are prepared to spend on a neon sign, you will better understand the available design options.




Neon signs may be used to convey a wide range of themes, and at BeneonUnicorn, we employ a variety of ways to make original artwork. 

Neon signs can convey everything from a simple greeting to a complicated business message. 

Please spend some time familiarising yourself with the different types of neon signs and the many varied looks that may be made utilising them.

An example is "neon on print," which consists of a printed background with neon attached to the front. 

In addition, we create neon mirror boxes and neon infinity boxes, which are likely to become topics of debate wherever they are positioned.

Consider our numerous alternatives and select a neon sign that suits your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.




The layout of your neon sign could be highly influenced by the message you're trying to get over to people. 

For example, an event such as a wedding or a birthday party will help you focus immediately on the subject at hand. 

Evaluate where you intend to place your completed neon sign to determine whether the colours and design will complement the existing décor. 

Will it suit the concept we have? You can use your creativity to design a beautiful layout or consult our collection for inspiration. 

In either case, the outcome will be an excellent arrangement. We can make anything into a neon sign, be it a logo, calligraphy, or original artwork.




For a long time, red and orange were the predominant hues of neon signs. This is because argon gas is utilised to produce most colours, but neon gas can only produce red. 

There is a wide variety of colours from which to choose; we ask that you make your choices carefully.

Consider the wall you wish to hang the sign on, the existing colour scheme of the room, and the accent colour that will make the design stand out.




Your neon sign can be constructed in various sizes based on your specifications. We have experience designing large-scale signage and sophisticated designs ideal for more intimate situations. 

The size you choose for your neon sign may affect the overall visual quality of the sign. Verify that it will fit in the location where it will be shown and that it can be easily read. 

After all, it would be stupid to choose a favourite quotation and print it in a type too small to see from a distance. 

You must ensure that your neon sign is the first thing guests see while entering the space. If you want to learn how to make your neon sign, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.