The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying or Renting a Neon Sign

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying or Renting a Neon Sign

Putting a neon sign in your house, workplace, or event may be a great conversation starter and represent something personal and significant. 

If you are interested in neon signs to illuminate a room, we have a variety of solutions to meet your demands. 

Whether you need a neon sign for one night or the rest of your life, the BeneonUnicorn team can help you decide! 

We offer services for purchasing or renting a neon sign to assist you in locating the optimal solution.




There are various reasons why you may be considering a neon sign. 

It has become a tremendously popular trend in interior design. You can incorporate it into your home, perhaps with a welcome sign in your living room or your family's names displayed in neon in their various bedrooms. 

Neon signs have become an attractive alternative to more conventional types of art, allowing you to modernise various rooms in your home.

Similarly, neon signs are frequently utilised in workplaces. 

Offices are pressured to be more engaging and exciting for employees to enjoy working in, and employing a neon sign to display your brand is a surefire way to cheer up your workforce on a rainy Monday. 

Also, they frequently have a stunning visual impression in retail establishments, pubs, and restaurants.

The third common application of neon signs is for events. 

Event rooms are typically relatively simple, allowing you to personalise your event's theme. 

Events such as weddings, business parties, birthdays, and other special occasions are enhanced by neon signage.

To fit your budget and needs, we offer two excellent services: you may purchase your neon sign, or you can even consider renting one!




BeneonUnicorn specialises in bringing your vision to life by creating a custom neon sign. 

Purchasing a neon sign is the best option if you want a permanent decorative element for your kitchen, hallway, or bedroom.

Based on your suggestions, we can create the first design for your preferred neon sign. 

If you already have a concept of the design you want, that's fantastic; if not, we have some fantastic stock designs to help you get started. 

We can work with various materials, including neon on print, allowing you to blend cherished memories with bold neon light.

Purchasing your neon sign allows you to customise it to your specifications. 

Whether for your house or business, the sign is yours to keep and display wherever you like. 

Prices are determined on an individual basis and are fully bespoke and made-to-order.




On the other hand, you may not be able to purchase your custom neon sign if you are organising an event in a rented location or if you wish to utilise neon as a prop on set.

We provide a rental option that allows you to select from various ready-made signs. 

The simplicity of renting a neon sign enables you to create a glowing focal point for your event. 

Whether for a wedding reception, themed party, or television set, we can assist you if you require a temporary neon sign. 

Contact us if you wish to determine the availability of our numerous signs!