The Advantages of LED Neon Signs Over Conventional Neon Bulbs

The Advantages of LED Neon Signs Over Conventional Neon Bulbs

LED neon signs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want to draw attention to their brand in a way that is distinct from the competition. 

Discover why so many businesses are converting to LED Neon and the benefits of making the switch yourself.

Are You Able to Elucidate the Differences Between LED and Neon Signage for Me?

The steady glow of LED signs and light sources results from a string of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) set far enough apart to overlap each other, in contrast to the "flicker" of neon lights.

On the other hand, LEDs are often enclosed in a protective polymer that is more lightweight and flexible than the glass tubing used for neon lights. 

In addition to having a significantly increased capacity for durability. 

Classic neon signs tend to be taller and broader than their LED counterparts. 

On the other hand, LED signs can be as thin as one inch, while neon signs need to be at least three to five inches deep since the glass tubing needs to protrude from the background.

LED technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits compared to more conventional means of attracting attention. These advantages include a lower overall cost and a minor negative influence on the surrounding environment.


The amount of electricity consumed has decreased


Any business needs to implement cost-cutting initiatives to decrease energy use and the corresponding electricity bill. 

When compared to conventional neon signs, the energy consumption of our bespoke neon signs is around 15 times lower. 

A sign's size is often measured using tubes that have been straightened out. 

To light up one foot of vintage neon signage requires approximately 20 watt-hours of power. 

However, an LED light of the same length and thickness as a neon tube would only use 1.2 watts of electricity per hour if it were used instead of a neon tube. 

In addition, the more recent version of our custom neon signs is more cost-effective than traditional neon throughout their lifetimes, which means that you will immediately begin saving money once you make a move.




There is no other method to alter how pedestrians see conventional neon signs besides turning them on or off; this is the sole option available. 

Because LED neon signs are composed of thousands of individual lights that can be turned on and off independently, they offer significantly more room for artistic expression than traditional neon signs. 

It is possible to programme LEDs to fade between different colours, flash, or flash at predetermined intervals. 

Because LED bulbs come in such a wide variety of sizes, designers have a lot more leeway in terms of the shapes they can create and where they can put them, regardless of the space that has to be illuminated. 

It is obvious it will get more attention compared to stiff tubes that cannot be bent into creative shapes and only blink on and off.




Those concerned with the aesthetic value of the signage should be aware that LED signs keep a consistent brightness, which enables them to be read from any distance. 

In particular, neon signs lose their crispness and clarity during the night, which makes it more challenging to read them from a distance. 

Whether using them during the day or the night, dimmable LED neon signs are a simple way to exert more control over the energy your lighting consumes. 

Our handmade neon signs are more luminous than our competitors, consuming far less power. 

The display's brightness can be changed to meet your requirements at anytime.

The colour combinations available for LED signage are nearly limitless. Harmony in Naming 

Because of this, I am precisely expressing that the brand's image is made more accessible, which helps to maintain the brand's consistency. 

Beneonunicorn's extensive catalogue of personalised neon sign products features a wide variety of options that may be used to brighten up the location where your company or group conducts business or holds events.




Because LED signs employ individual, long-lasting bulbs, it is unnecessary to handle any components. At the same time, they are still hot, making maintenance on these displays straightforward. 

Whether the LEDs in the signage are on or off, they can quickly and easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

A neon sign needs to be switched off and given some time to cool down before it can be cleaned without risk. 

As a result of this fear being removed, you are now free to boldly expose it to the public, knowing that even in the case of a fall, it will continue to be secure and durable.

LED signage requires hardly any maintenance at all to function correctly. 

Because the neon gas trapped within the glass tubes of neon signs depletes with time, the glass tubes themselves need to be periodically replaced by a neon sign maker, or new neon signs must be purchased. 

It could take up to ten years for this to occur, but in the meantime, the brilliance of your older signs will gradually fade away. 

LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs and maintain their brightness throughout their service life. This allows you to instal your custom neon sign outside without worrying about the sign being damaged by water.

Suppose an LED sign is maintained for its entire lifespan of 100,000+ hours (11 years). In that case, it will need to be changed considerably less frequently than a neon sign, which generally only lasts 30,000 hours before its brightness drops dramatically. 

Glass tubing is used in traditional neon signs, while newer LED bulbs are much more durable. 

Additionally, LED neon signs are not easily destroyed by wet environments, such as rain or snow, which can result in extra cost savings in locations that experience harsh climatic conditions.

We frequently come across establishments with signs that are "burned out" in parts, giving them the appearance of being worn and neglected. 

Your business or the area you are lighting won't suffer any quality loss when you switch to LED bulbs because they are economical and straightforward to change out. 

LED neon signs can keep shining for a little longer without losing their impact, unlike conventional neon signs, which need to be replaced as soon as they stop functioning correctly.




LED neon signs can be made to the customer's specifications, and in contrast to conventional neon signs, they will not become dangerously hot. 

In addition, the fragile glass tubing of traditional neon signs presents a shock hazard; in contrast, the LED bulbs used in modern neon signs are more durable and present a lower risk if the sign is damaged. 

Because LEDs are more malleable and lighter in weight than their traditional equivalents, installing new signs may be done more quickly and for less money with LEDs. 

The devices' lower ongoing costs and longer lifespan make up for the increased initial cost of purchasing LED equipment. 

The components of older neon signs make them more challenging to transport, more hazardous if they are dropped, and more time-consuming to set up, all of which contribute to a higher maintenance cost.

The expensive initial cost of LEDs has been significantly decreased due to technological developments, which has led to their widespread adoption in contemporary signage.


The Possibility of Substantial Cuts to Expenses Related to Energy


LEDs can cut your energy costs by as much as seventy per cent compared to classic neon signs, which generate more heat and consume more power than LEDs. 

LED lights have a lower voltage requirement of only 24 volts, while glass neon needs 15,000 volts. 

Because LEDs run at a low voltage (12 v), as opposed to neon's high voltage, the amount of electricity consumed by LED signs is approximately one-fifth of that consumed by neon signs (120 v).




LED signs are the most environmentally friendly for lit signage due to their exceptionally long lifespan and low overall energy consumption. 

Additionally, LED light bulbs are already becoming more recyclable. 

Outdated neon signs are considered hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly. 

LEDs do not require the use of any gases, glass tubes, argon, or mercury in any way, shape, or form.




LED neon signs are the way to go if you run a business and are interested in cutting costs while generating imaginative and attention-grabbing signage. 

It is possible to keep adaptability and exposure while lowering the amount spent on advertising. 

LED signs have many advantages over neon signs in terms of their qualities and benefits, and these advantages are clear victors in both the short and long term. 

Because of its distinctive appearance and high level of clarity, a well-designed LED sign creates a more arresting first impression on the viewer. 

LED signs are proven, and trustworthy advertising focused on foot traffic. This type of advertising may be pretty effective.

Are you intrigued by the potential benefits LED signage could bring to your organisation? 

Contact Beneonunicorn neon sign design with any questions or concepts you have if you are interested in having a custom sign built, no matter what it is.