In the past, weddings were exclusively held during the summer months; however, weddings now occur throughout the year. 

Even though no two weddings are identical, certain design aspects have become universally accepted. 

It's conceivable that you've already guessed that we'll assist you in selecting a neon sign for your upcoming wedding.

Neon signs should be considered if you want to add a truly unique and memorable touch to your wedding. 

They enable you to customise both the wedding ceremony and reception arrangements. 

Selecting a style will be the most difficult step in this procedure.




"Mr. & Mrs." and "The Happy Couple" are common wedding sign words that symbolise your new status as husband and wife. 

This pattern, pleasing to the eye, could be used as the backdrop for the event's head table or dance floor.

The sayings and quotations linked with weddings are timeless and can be reworded to fit any aesthetic or subject matter. 

This allows you to include a wedding neon sign into your party with significantly less effort.

Signage for wedding venues, including the two examples above, can be rented from us at reasonable rates.

Due of this, you may like to design a unique pattern for the neon at your wedding. 

This can be achieved with anything as simple as your names or as complex as a meaningful sentence.


Symbols and icons of the world


You may enjoy the concept of a wedding neon sign using a symbol rather than words. 

When there is already a great deal going on in a room, a minimalist motif may be the best way to bring everything together because it does not conflict with the other aspects.

Whether you choose a typical heart or something unique to you and your partner, we can assist you in making the best decision for the dance floor's décor. 

The creative uses of a neon sign at a wedding are nearly infinite, including directing guests to the dance floor and spotlighting the band.


Using LEDs and Neon in Artwork


You have access to various alternatives, including wedding-appropriate printed neon patterns. 

The mix of the modern setting and the neon's brilliant hues produces an effect that is not identical to what the neon would produce if employed alone.

You have the option of selecting a blank background or selecting one from the collection we give.

After the ceremony, you can take a custom-printed neon sign you created to decorate your wedding venue and display it in your home as a reminder of the memorable occasion. 

That would be perfect as a remembrance of the day in any part of your home as an ornament.


WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT to Choose the Appropriate Neon Color for Your Project


Although red and pink are the most common options for neon wedding signs, there is no hard and fast rule about their hues. 

Assess the wedding's colour scheme and determine whether you want the sign to blend in or stand out with its assertiveness.

Because we provide a variety of colourful hues, you should be able to select one that complements your preferences and the surrounding area. 

This package includes all the rainbow colours, allowing you to create the exact neon appearance you've been searching for.

Please contact us by phone or email whenever you are ready to discuss neon for your wedding. Our telephones are always available.

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