The Best Method For Selecting A Wedding Neon Sign: A Guide to Eternal Glow

Are you hearing the harmonious chimes of wedding bells and feeling the flutter of love in the air? Well, let’s make every moment and every detail of your big day glow! How, you ask? With a dazzling wedding LED neon sign, of course! Whether your style is whimsical, elegant, or somewhere in between, custom neon signs for weddings are the latest and greatest trend. Let’s dive into how you can select and customize a wedding neon sign that will leave everyone awestruck. Ready for your love to light up the room?

wedding led neon sign

Define Your Style:

First things first, what’s the vibe of your wedding? Rustic charm, vintage glamour, or maybe modern chic? Once you’ve got your theme down, finding a design that’s the cherry on top of your wedding day becomes a delightful adventure. From the classic “Just Married” to the playful “Drunk in Love”, the sky’s the limit!

Location, Location, Location:

Now, where’s this stunning sign going to go? Above the head table, welcoming your beloved guests at the entrance, or as the ultimate photo backdrop? Figuring out the location helps in deciding the size and shape, making sure it’s a perfect fit and adds that extra sparkle to your venue.

Let’s Talk Color:

Let’s get personal! Choose a color that’s in tune with your wedding palette. Whether you’re into soft pastels or bold, vibrant hues, customizing the color of your wedding neon sign can set the atmosphere and tie the whole room together.

Names and Dates – Make it Yours:

Why not add your names and the big date? It’s a sweet personal touch, a unique representation of your love story, and a gorgeous keepsake for the many happy years ahead.

Font – It’s Speaking to You:

The font can say it all! A script font might whisper romance and elegance, while a bold, blocky one shouts fun and modern vibes. What’s your font saying about your celebration? BeNeonUnicorn's online builder offers more than 40 fonts and 12 colors. Let's try it here now!

Professional Advice? Yes, Please!:

Wondering how to customize a wedding neon sign? Don’t fret! Seeking professional advice is your golden ticket. The experts can guide you through design, size, and installation, ensuring your sign is nothing short of perfection.

Timing is Everything:

Custom beauties like these take time, so make sure to check the lead time and place your order well in advance. This ensures any tweaks can be made, and your sign is shining bright when the big day arrives.


Choosing a wedding LED neon sign is more than just planning; it’s about creating joyful, glowing memories. Define your style, consider the placement, add those personal touches, and get some pro advice. Trust me, a custom neon sign isn’t just a decoration; it’s a beacon of your love story! Ready to let your love light shine?