The Details of Your Wedding Neon Sign

custom neon signs for wedding

Using neon signage is one of the most elegant methods to spice up your wedding and make it more memorable for your guests. As a bride, you're undoubtedly wondering how you might use neon in your wedding, and I'm here to offer some suggestions and guidance! 

To begin, we will go through some principles for making your neon look as fantastic as possible.

Wedding planners frequently need to pay more attention to the number of decorations at the event. It would help if you found a happy medium between being extraordinarily subtle and overly theatrical in your delivery. 

Remember that this is your wedding, and the last thing you want is for some garish neon sign to steal the show and the spotlight away from you. Keeping the neon sign straightforward will enable it to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed, which is to illuminate your wedding in a chic and appealing manner. 

The simplified appearance of neon is also reminiscent of the minimalist color trend. Use no more than two colors that are contrasting whenever it is possible. 

Because of their joyful feelings, bright colors such as pink, red, and yellow are excellent choices for weddings. White is by far the most prevalent color, and it contributes to the neon sign maintaining its contemporary and stylish appearance.


Create Something New With Wedding Neon Sign 

Because it is your wedding, you should act natural and go all out. Create a neon sign that reflects your unique personality and display it. 

Try out a bunch of different typefaces to get your creative juices flowing; you might be shocked by how big of an effect the typeface you choose can have on the overall look of a space. Use a typeface with all capital letters or cursive if you want people to take your sign seriously and draw attention to it.

Feel free to use a wide range of colors if you genuinely want to convey who you are as an individual. The safest option is to use bright and warm colors, but if you're having a themed wedding or genuinely prefer a specific color, feel free to go with that instead. And remember to experiment until you find a color scheme and aesthetic that works best for you!

Check out the neon section of our website for more suggestions. Bring some humanity to the situation.

What's the use of a personalized neon sign if the customer doesn't have something no one else has? Let your initials, favorite words, or creations come to life with our neon by using your ideas and putting them to work!


Provide Assistance to the Guests

Particularly at a large wedding, you want everyone to stay focused and focused. 

Use neon signs with directional arrows, words, and symbols to ensure your guests know where they should go. 

We know the significance of directing guests in the appropriate direction, which is why many of the wedding neons that have been the most popular with customers serve this function.


Sets for Photography Purposes 

In a similar vein, photo booths can benefit significantly from the use of neon signs as backdrops. 

You will receive a remote dimmer with each bespoke neon sign that you order to control the brightness of the sign to obtain the look you want. 

Our company frequently collaborates with Shimmer walls, a company that creates stunning sequin walls in various colors and textures. These walls may be ordered in a variety of sizes. 

Consider using a Shimmer wall as your backdrop, as it goes wonderfully with our bespoke neon signage and can accommodate all of your needs.


The lighting of the Dance Floor

Everyone knows that the dance floor at a wedding reception is where some of the most memorable moments occur. Get in touch with a neon sign maker to commission the creation of a one-of-a-kind sign for the wedding disco. 

BeNeonUnicorn also offers animated neon, which is sure to get the party going in a whole new way and is an excellent addition to any event. 

Our neon's color may shift instantly, cycle through a wide range of tones, and transition smoothly between varying intensities of illumination. Choosing the appropriate neon signs for your wedding has the potential to transform an otherwise tedious and stressful process into an event that is both memorable and exciting. 

Email if you have any queries, and we will gladly respond with the information you require. If you do have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.