To begin, everyone here at BeneonUnicorn would like to wish you all the best over this Christmas season. 

We had a wonderful day exchanging gifts, gorging our cheeks with holiday delicacies, and reminiscing with family members and other close friends about happier times in the past.

If you are feeling under the weather today, we hope that many of you aren't feeling too bad, but if you are, our neons with food themes are here to whet your appetite and help you start feeling better (we'll be cautious not to push you over the edge...). 

Let's imagine that this is a timeline that goes from waking up with a terrible feeling that is on par with what the guys in the hit movie went through to feeling like your old self again and devouring all of the leftovers from the previous day.


It's likely that you've just gotten out of bed and are now reading this. 

You have a pounding headache that prevents you from considering eating anything, and you'd limit your mental activity for the time being, at least to decrease the impact of the agony you're experiencing. 


Step 1


Relax in bed with a cup of coffee and a variety of our eye-catching neon signs for restaurants and pubs to prevent you from dwelling too much on the events that transpired the previous evening (to get you thinking about places you can buy food first). 

To ease any concerns, it is essential to point out that none of these genuinely allude to food in and of itself - remember, folks, baby steps!

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in the diner industry's popularity across the pond in the United Kingdom. Diners are a common sight in the United States. 

This booming industry has many parallels to the one in the United States, including adopting advertising methods similar to those used there. 

Using neon signs is a highly "American" method for luring customers into establishments by illuminating the darkness around them. This tactic is especially effective for restaurants on countless desolate and neglected highways.

Hopefully, it would help if you were exhibiting signs of life at this time, thanks to the coffee you had earlier in the morning. Moving fast on, let's continue.


Step 2


Get out of bed, have yourself a quick shower, and then start thinking about what you can take on right now. 

If you need help picking what you want to eat or watch, we can provide you with a little of...

If you aren't ready to cope with food just yet, you might always try something out.

It is recommended to have something robust for the morning, such as a protein drink, a hearty meal, or even dinner from the previous night, to stave off hunger until midday. 

However, eating may still bring up some disturbing memories or connections. 

Are you looking for our recommendations? 

Why don't we have something sweet, light, carbonated, and refreshing.

We are so concerned about you that we will provide sound effects for you to enjoy while you are drinking to reduce the volume and, ultimately, alleviate your headache (see below).

Using this as a measuring stick, we'll do one better and read your thoughts while you indulge in the luscious dessert...

Assuming that you can keep fluids down and that sufficient time has passed for you to work up to the challenge of eating, you are ready to move on to the next step.


Step 3


Indicates that a decision must be made regarding a path of action that is rational (or is even possible).

If we were in charge of planning the meals for your hangover, we would serve you lunch...

Simply for the reason that everyone should. After having pie for supper, you won't have the motivation or desire to do anything else for dinner, but we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. 


Step 4


It is to dine out at a local establishment. 

We have decided that rather than go out to dinner, and we will get some Chinese food from a delivery service.

In the interest of ensuring that everyone gets their proper portion!

We know that you have just consumed a massive meal as part of your rehabilitation and that all you can think about is passing out on the couch in front of the television. 

We could not think of anything more appealing except that this supreme form of relaxation might involve eating ice cream.


Step 5


That mouthwatering dessert at the end of the day. 

After all, you have earned a reward for overcoming that horrible hangover, and right now is the perfect time to give in to your cravings and splurge.

We hope that our Neon guide to recovering from a Boxing Day hangover provides you with some helpful information to use. 

At the very least, there is sufficient time left before the weekend to begin drinking again tonight.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles, and please accept our best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas season.

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