The Unconventional Ways You Can Use Custom made Neon Signs

The Unconventional Ways You Can Use Custom made Neon Signs

The time-honoured colour combinations of white and cream are instantly recognisable to anybody. 

Even though they are present in many households, it is necessary to acknowledge that they are not always enjoyable. 

Why not inject bright colours into your home if you want to give it a contemporary, attention-grabbing, and out-of-the-box appearance? 


1) There are many ways to instal fluorescent lighting in a home, each of which offers the possibility of lending the space a unique personality and character.


Continue reading to get some ideas on how pools might be illuminated with neon tiles and how a central sculpture made of neon art can serve as a focal point in the space.

To begin, instal neon tiles to create a glowing effect in your pool.

There has been an increase in demand for tiling the interior of swimming pools with glass tiles designed to resemble neon lights or rainbows. 

These glass tiles are frequently utilised as a decorative feature in swimming pools worldwide. 

The reflection of the light off of the water creates a picture that is both beautiful and dramatic. 


2) Decorate terra cotta containers with neon paint in vibrant colours.


I enjoy using painter's tape to construct stencils on the pot, painting it, and analysing the forms and patterns produced to pass the time. 


3) The patio, the workplace, the bathroom, and even the laundry room may all benefit from adding a splash of colour that can be achieved with the help of neon flower pots. 


Neon lights are a great way to adorn your bar and show off your establishment's one-of-a-kind personality, so use them!

A snappy slogan or a clue to your initials or name can be illuminated in neon, making for a hip addition to a home bar that allows you to express your personality. 

The addition of a neon sign is the only thing that may lift the gloomy disposition of a bar decorated with dark paint or wallpaper with intriguing patterns. 


4) Add some vibrancy to the space by placing fruit trays in vivid colours about the area.


If you want to employ neon colours in a child's room, it's best to limit their presence to accents or use them in smaller amounts. 

As I've found, a fruit dish or ornamental plate in a neon tone is utilised to inject some colour into the otherwise grey kitchen in ultra-contemporary homes. This is done to break up the monotony of the space. 


5) Add some neon to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and stone in your home.


Since neon is an artificial colour, it pairs well with more natural components. 

For example, neon artwork truly stands out when displayed in a room that has a hardwood table or floor. 

Naturally, it was Ronald Hunter doing it. To convey who you are as an individual, create neon art.

Artwork is a fantastic way to bring neon hues into a space, especially when decorating a home. 

Choosing pieces of art that appeal to one's taste and sense of expression is an excellent approach to making a statement about oneself. 

A carefully selected accent piece has the potential to function as a unifying design feature while also calling attention to the distinctive personality of your home. 


7) Make a neon reproduction of your most cherished piece of artwork


If you consider yourself an art connoisseur, you should commission the creation of a neon sign that features your favourite pieces of artwork. 

Neon signs are a straightforward and cost-effective way to bring a sense of culture into the architecture of interior spaces. Become a Neon Flash by transforming.


8) If you work from home, spruce up your workspace by purchasing a personalised neon sign.


We've been staring at the same walls for the better half a year and a half now, and we're all getting weary of it. 

Think about adding a one-of-a-kind neon sign to your study to spruce it up. 


9) Put a chuckle on your face each day by coming up with an amusing proverb or aphorism to live by. 


Construct one-of-a-kind neon signs that look bright even from a distance.

If you want the ground to be illuminated, you can utilise ornamental concrete in neon colours.


10) Homeowners may add a splash of neon colour to their concrete driveways and walks using aggregates that light in the dark—specifically, glow-in-the-dark aggregates. 


These aggregates, when fully charged, can create a neon green or blue glow in the dark. This gives a concrete road, driveway, or patio a more exciting and eye-catching appearance by making it stand out from the crowd. 


11) Regarding Anyone It May Concern:


To make the room stand out, create a collection of neon artwork and hang it throughout the room.

Put away your dull floor lights, table lamps, and shades that don't add any character to the lighting. 


12) Determine your feelings before selecting the neon colours you want to wear.


Adding a touch of neon to your surroundings, be it in the form of a vase, a picture frame, or even a painting on the wall, can help to perk up your day. 


13) Commission a neon sculpture to be created specifically for your house.


In addition to their visual value, neon sculptures can entirely transform the environment of a room by presenting a new palette of colours and designs flexibly. This can lead to the improved mood as well as mental clarity. 


14) To add some pzazz to your design, play around with different coloured materials.


Using sheer fabrics or raised paint surfaces are two ways to add excitement to home decor that features bright colours. 

Use sheer neon ribbons or fabric for a neon chandelier or drapes; they will look wonderful both during the day and at night when blacklight UV will bring out their neon sheen. Neon chandeliers and drapes will also look great. 


15) Use the movies you enjoy watching as inspiration for using neon colours.


The theatre is the finest place to get ideas on incorporating neon colours into your interior design, so head there first.