The Varieties of Neon Signs - BeneonUnicorn

The Varieties of Neon Signs - BeneonUnicorn

Designing unique neon signs from scratch is an excellent way to attract people's attention. 

Whether you already have a design in mind or are looking for inspiration, it may be tough to decide which neon sign to use because so many distinct styles are available. 

Consequently, an overview of the many neon signs that BeneonUnicorn offers is offered below in the following list.


Printed Patterns with Neon Details


You choose a print, and we'll attach a neon tubing pattern highlighting the image's features and making it pop out. 

This will offer you a look that is both modern and vibrant, and it will also allow you to put your spin on your favourite print.

The merging of these two designs results in an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind neon sign that may be proudly exhibited either at one's business or at their residence. 

It is sufficient to hang one of our neon on print works and plug it into an electrical socket to enjoy one of our artworks.


Neon-Constructed Containers That Emit Infinite Radiant Light


Neon tubing and several cycles of shaping the tubing into the correct shape are required to create the magnificent optical illusion of an infinite neon box. 

Consequently, when you glance at the neon art piece, you can feel that it never ends. They are conversation starters that will attract attention in any bar or lobby where they are exhibited and are specific to thrill people. 

You can hang some of them in your home to offer guests something to discuss. Our neon infinity boxes are undeniably one-of-a-kind and stand out among the competition.


LED-lit jewellery cases with mirrored surfaces


Those seeking something less ostentatious may discover that neon mirror boxes are the ideal alternative. 

A design etched into a mirror with a laser is subtly eye-catching due to its effective contrast with the reflected surface. 

The design was etched onto the mirror to obtain this look. As both gifts and decorations, neon mirror boxes are always popular. 

They are a fantastic approach to providing an air of refinement to an establishment's foyer, bar, or restaurant.


Superb artwork


Due to neon's appeal as a medium in contemporary art, the crew at BeneonUnicorn has assisted many artists in bringing their neon-based concepts to reality. 

In addition to recommending the best course of action, we develop original works of neon art that you may use as inspiration when constructing your neon sign.

Because we want to be able to provide you with something truly unique, we are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of our art and innovative ways to enhance it.

Neon Lights Are Very Rare During This Time.

Using our supply-only neon service, we can meet your needs if you require neon but do not require the supporting panel or acrylic box traditionally associated with it. 

We can produce your neon sign, and we will ship it to you in sections for assembly at the area where it will be displayed. 

Neon installation demands the expertise of a licenced electrician with prior experience in this industry. 

You can use the provided information to locate neon sign installation services.

If you are still looking for the colour you want, let us know, and we'll see if we can get it for you. 

This applies regardless of the type of neon sign you choose. The neon signs you purchase are already pre-wired and pre-assembled; you only need to hang them and turn them on.