Welcome Customers Back To Bar With Custom Neon Lights

Welcome Customers Back To Bar With Custom Neon Lights

Now that the holiday season is over for another year, several businesses in the hotel industry are reporting a reduction in the number of customers that stay at their establishments. 

Due to the cold weather, it may be challenging to bring people back into your bar during January. 

Because January is traditionally known as "dry January," accomplishing this task could be tricky. 

There are circumstances in which you will need the appropriate form of marketing.

One excellent illustration of this is the use of neon in bar signs. 

After the holiday season has passed, read this post to learn how to use neon to entice people to return to your bar.

Here are three highly effective strategies that you can implement.




During January, it would be a smart business move for your bar to provide live music to lure in new clients. 

Seeing local artists perform is a great way to spend the evening and will surely get you noticed. 

Promoting upcoming live performances at your bar can be enhanced significantly by installing a neon sign in the establishment.

It is common knowledge that neon signs have a lengthy and fruitful history of drawing clients. It is also common knowledge that neon has a long and successful history of being used in advertising. 

In January, a neon sign flashing an announcement about the band's coming can be just what you need to bring folks through the door.

Get in touch with artists and people who organise events in your region so that you can talk about the prospect of putting on a show. 

Then please entrust us with creating a neon sign for your establishment.




Using neon to advertise new specials or other incentives, businesses can encourage customers to return to their establishment. 

To help people get over the January blues and get excited about any discounts you might be held in January, a neon sign is a terrific way to attract their attention and pique their curiosity. 

Make sure that people walking by are aware of any deals you may offer, such as a discount of 20% on a particular food and drink item. 

They might be persuaded to come to check out your establishment and its services.

At BeneonUnicorn, we provide you with the opportunity to browse and purchase both neon that has been pre-made as well as neon that has been designed specifically for you.

The emblem that represents YOUR business.

Another possibility to consider for January is adding a neon sign to which your company's logo has been applied. 

This is a terrific approach to attract clients since it lets people walking by know that not only are you open but also that your bar is well-established and can meet their needs. This is a win-win situation.

You can put your company in the best possible light with a design specifically for your company. 

Try using this to entice consumers and encourage them to come in for a drink at your establishment.

If you are interested in commissioning a neon sign design for your company or having one erected this year, the time to get in touch is right now. 

If assistance is required, we will gladly provide it.