What is the lifespan of an LED neon sign?

What is the lifespan of an LED neon sign?

A custom LED Neon sign's longevity and capacity to operate in the area it was designed to operate are two important considerations for customers. 

After all, there is no point in buying a personalised neon sign if it gets damaged while it is shipped to you.




In this particular instance, a neon sign crafted by Beonunicorn would be the most suitable option. 

Because our LED Neon is constructed using a unique polymer tube that we came up with, you won't have to be concerned about the sign shattering. 

The surface is highly durable, and as a result, any scratches or cracks do not cause the light from the neon to scatter; instead, the light shines brightly in all directions. 

Due to our LED Neon's adaptability, we can construct virtually any design you can think of. 

The members of our workshop team will bend the neon tubing into the shape you require with ease and accuracy, and then they will attach the LED neon to the selected substrate.

Because the tubing must be heated to a high temperature before its shape is altered, the process takes far more time and costs significantly more money than when it is done with regular glass Neon. 

Traditional glass neon is not particularly strong because it is prone to breaking and shattering, especially compared to our neon product.




If required, the staff in our workshop can waterproof your LED Neon sign to meet the specifications of IP67. 

All LED neon mounted outside must be watertight so that the LED modules contained within the tubing are not harmed by rain or other forms of moisture. 

As part of waterproofing the LED neon, we check to ensure that nothing can enter the polymer tubing and then seal any cracks that we find in the neon. 

You also can have your indoor sign waterproof if it is located in a location that has a chance of becoming wet.

Even during a torrential storm, our LED Neon will inform clients of your company's existence.




When our customers take possession of one of our LED Neon displays, it is guaranteed to look stunning and pose no danger whatsoever. 

Our LED Neon will not shatter when it is dropped the same way as traditional neon, which could lead to significant injuries. 

Even though the surface of the polymer tubing can become warm to the touch if it is heated, it will not scald or shock you. 

Our signs adhere to worldwide standards and are designed to meet or surpass the requirements of the regulations in your area.

In conclusion, LED Neon signs are exceptionally long-lasting, and the fact that they have a lifespan of 100,000 hours ensures that they are the superior sort of illuminated signage.