What's Better: Buying Or Renting A Neon Sign

When displayed in a person's living room, workplace, or even at an event, neon signs are an excellent way to kickstart a discussion about various topics. 

They also have the potential to act as a meaningful reminder of an essential personal symbol or cultural emblem. 

If sprucing up a space with neon signs is something you've been thinking about doing, you'll be delighted to learn that we sell a broad array of designs. 

BeneonUnicorn can help you decide whether you need a neon sign for a temporary or permanent installation by weighing the pros and cons of each option. 

We are here to assist you in deciding whether to buy a neon sign instead of renting one.


Why should a neon sign be chosen when deciding on a sign?


You may use a neon sign for a wide range of reasons. Therefore it might be the best option for you. 

It's becoming a significant movement in the world of interior design so that you can incorporate one into your home, such as a neon sign in your foyer or the names of your children in glowing letters over their beds. If you do, you'll want to do it soon, because it will only become more popular. 

Neon signs are a terrific alternative to the traditional wall decor used in various sections of your home because they are trendy and versatile.

Similarly, neon signage is typically seen in retail and restaurant establishments. 

It's a guaranteed way to perk up your staff on a dreary Monday, and it helps meet the growing desire for offices to be more attractive and exciting places to work. You can do both if you use a neon sign for advertising your firm. 

Even better, they usually produce a stunning visual impression in establishments such as shops, taverns, and restaurants.

The third frequent use of neon signs is in the field of advertising. Essential event venues allow you greater leeway in creating a unique ambience for your attendees. 

Celebrations of various kinds, including weddings, business parties, birthday parties, and other types, can all benefit from the polished aesthetic of neon signs.

To achieve both your financial and practical objectives, you can either purchase your very own neon sign or, alternatively, rent one from our company.




BeNeonUnicorn takes excellent pleasure in the fact that we can bring to life any notion you may have for a neon sign. 

A neon sign is an excellent choice for a long-term decorative alternative, and it doesn't matter if you want to put it in your bedroom, corridor, or kitchen.

We might construct the core design for your dream neon sign by building off of your recommendations and using them as inspiration. 

You are more than free to bring your design ideas with you; however, if you don't have any, we also have some excellent pre-made alternatives for you to choose from. 

We can work with a wide variety of materials, and one of those elements is neon on print. This allows you to combine beloved memories with a striking neon accent.

Whenever you purchase a neon sign, you can modify it to meet your requirements precisely. 

You are free to take the sign with you and display it in any location, including your home or business. 

Every one of the items is produced by hand, especially for the buyer, and the prices are established on an individual basis.




On the other hand, if you plan to use neon as a prop on set or organise an event in a rented space, you might need more than owning your personalised neon sign.

We provide a rental service where you can select a sign from a variety of pre-fabricated options that we have available. 

By renting a neon sign, you can still make your event stand out with a brilliant centrepiece that will draw attention to it. 

We are here to assist you if you require a neon sign for a one-time occasion, such as a wedding reception, a themed party, or a TV set. 

Get in touch with us immediately to learn more about the many sorts of signs that we have in stock.