Why you need neon sign light for your home and business ?

Why you need neon sign light for your home and business ?

Custom neon signs are a great way to make your business or home stand out, be remembered and attract attention.

Beneon Neon knows how important it can be for you and your customers, so we take our manufacturing process very seriously when making custom neon signs based on your demands. Our personalized LED lights are the best in their field with amazing contour-cut backing. With our highly trained professionals, we make sure that you’re getting something tailored for your vision while not compromising on quality!

Unique Personalized Lights that Fill Your Desires

Our personalized neon lights are not only easy to install, but they are lightweight and energy efficient. Their energy efficiency is one of their many benefits.

Cost affective

Neon signs are an investment for any office or home décor. You may be worried about your custom neon sign taking up too much energy, but these lights will last for years and still take minimal electricity to power them! Because of their low electrical output they are also environmentally friendly ensuring a safer world for everyone.


Custom neon signs are also extremely durable as well and can last for years with an amazing lifespan. That’s right, our custom neon will be around for over ten years and still look like they were made yesterday!

Our LED Neon Signs are Customizable in Every Way!

Beneon Neon is committed to making sure you get the best custom lighting effects for your business, home or personal space. Our designers will take time with every project and create personalized lights that are just what YOU want in terms of color schemes & light designs!

You can have a neon sign made with the most unique fonts. You can choose from a wide variety of elements and personalize your neon sign to make it a creative addition to your home or business. We want our customers to have a chance to be creative with their signs and we will strive to meet all of their requirements.

How We Can Help You Make Your Neon Sign

Here at Beneon Neon we can help you create your personalized neon sign with our fast and efficient turn around time, and we will do everything to meet all of the demands that you have for your neon sign. No project is too big or too small for us.

If you have some ideas that are more detailed or just simply want to talk about your options, our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are more than happy to help you realize your vision and help you make your sign.


Our team of designers will work with each client every step of the way to design a personalized neon sign for them that works for their budget. We have years of experience in this industry, so we can bring your neon sign ideas to life!

We Make High Quality Neon Signs & Custom Neon Lights!

We at Beneon Neon know that quality is a must when it comes to customized lights for businesses or personal spaces, so we take extra care during the production process to ensure that you get a high quality, durable neon sign for your needs. We have the highest standard for our LED Neon Signs & Custom Neon Lights that are made.

Let our designers do the work for you

We also have a massive variety of premade neon signs to cater for every need possible from wedding party to children’s bedrooms, country flags and everything in between. Our premade designs are perfect for anyone looking to have a statement light in any room of their house or office. They also work great as event or special occasion décor and because they’re straight from our warehouse you can get them delivered quickly!

Our neon signs are designed with various purposes, so you can get one that really fits your personality. Whether you need them for a birthday celebration or just want some fun themed décor in your home or a logo in your office there is something distinct and perfect for everyone’s taste.

Personalized lights for business

At Beneon Neon we know that every business needs something to set it apart from the rest. Neon lights are a great way to make your brand look more appealing while also ensuring that you get noticed! Put your company’s name up in lights with an eye catching neon sign and watch your logo stand out! At Beneon neon we are committed to helping businesses have unique lighting that works with their branding and goals.

We have years of experience in the neon lighting industry, so let us help you set your company apart and make a lasting impression with your customers.


Our collection of neon lights is made to help you think outside the box when it comes to making your business or event more memorable. We like to work with our customers closely, so we can make sure that they get what they want when it comes to their light and sign needs.

We have helped an array of businesses achieve their goals from restaurants, bars sports facilities to office buildings and work events. Our premade neon’s are perfect if all you need is some wall text motivation to get your employees enthusiastic about your company or if you want to create brand awareness for your clients. The lamps all come with pre drilled holes to make hanging them a breeze!

Our signs have helped many bar and cafe business owners to attract customers and give their space a unique appeal that creates memorable experiences as well as forging brand awareness. Our signs can be used to promote an event or product while also adding some energy to a room.

With our help you can make sure that your business stands out from the rest and creates an image that speaks to customers on many different levels.

Need Help With Your Neon Sign Project?

Neon is your premier stop for all things neon! We know how important it is for businesses and home owners to make sure they choose the right custom neon sign or premade sign, so we will take the time to talk with you and find out about your needs. We offer a top quality service, so let us help you now!

Why you should use Beneon Unicorn Neon LED Neon Signs

Unlike other companies that make neon lights, we pride ourselves in not cutting any corners when it comes to quality. Our materials are top grade so your signs will always be high-quality items. Our personalized lights are sturdier, more energy efficient and of higher quality than other companies’ products while still being affordable!

You can get a great deal when you buy from us because we offer both high-end customizations as well as budget friendly options for those who want amazing pieces without breaking the bank.

We specialize in creating personalized lights for our customers using high grade materials and industry standard production techniques. From premade, ready to ship products to personalized signs that are made just for you we can accommodate any need.

At Beneon neon we believe in delivering a service that is both high quality and affordable, so we can work within your budget. Give us a call today and we will create the perfect neon sign for your needs!

Neon signs light are still popular, not just in concerts and restaurants. 

Man caves, bar areas, kitchens, game rooms, and garages are the most common locations where they are utilised for interior décor. 

In addition to being found in game rooms and kitchens, they are also found in other places. 

They generate a warm glow that not only adequately illuminates the room for meetings but also transforms the proceedings into engaging topics of conversation as the glow continues.

Regardless of their role, the custom led neon signs in a room can bring forth the place's full potential. 

This is true regardless of whether the lighting totally sets the mood or merely contributes to the aesthetic attractiveness of the place. 

Today, we will discuss neon lights sign for wall, particularly as a daring decorative element that is great for those who appreciate interior design with a bit of an edge. 

These individuals are ideal for using neon lights because they are so noticeable. 

It would help if you permitted yourself to be lit and motivated by the neon lights beneath you.

The bedroom should have decor neon lighting because it is the cosiest room in the house. 

Because this is where you go to unwind and get some shut-eye, the lighting in this space should provide a sense of calm while promoting originality and vibrancy. 

 neon sign light 01

Neon lights are an excellent option for this purpose. 

With this imaginative lighting option, which comprises neon lights, you can create a magical and fanciful ambience in your bedroom by turning off all other illumination sources and allowing the neon lights to illuminate the darkened space.

Handmade Neon lighting illuminates the kitchen and dining area with a warm glow.

By placing your neon signs in your kitchen or dining room, you may reproduce the atmosphere of a traditional bar, which is characterised by bright and conspicuous neon signs. 

You can bring this scary mood into your home decoration. 

Please do not settle for average dinners or uninteresting kitchens; instead, have the confidence to highlight your home's best features by illuminating them with neon lights and enjoying them while soaking in their beautiful wall decoration light. 

Do not settle for ordinary dinners or unattractive kitchens.

neon sign light 03 

The usage of neon as a source of workplace incentive.

Our place of business should present us with a dynamic and innovative environment where we may regularly interact with some of our most original ideas. 

Bright and intriguing neon lights should be used to decorate the area of your home or office where you spend most of your waking hours so that your creative juices never run dry.

Neon-lit areas that have a specific purpose and are decorated with directional signage

Each room contained at least one of these intersections that shone brightly and drew the guests' attention. 

The relevant nooks and crannies were decorated with neon signage. 

These are the hidden nooks and crannies that, at first look, appear to be unimportant or utterly random. 

Decorate with materials that have been carefully picked, such as eye-catching neon lights, to maximise their utility and potential.

The living room features some of the most extraordinary neon lightings.

In addition to being a space where people "live," a living room is also a place where they can be entertained, relax, spend time with their families, share laughter, and generally enjoy life. 

Neon lights should not be avoided if you want your living room to have a lively and vibrant environment. 

This is especially true if the neon lights make a humorous or personalised sign with clever and insightful statements.


Enhance the Nursery's Adorableness.

It is essential that the space in which your child spends the most time inspires creativity and also provides a relaxing atmosphere. 

Neon lights can enhance all aspects of your kindergarten and be utilised in place of more conventional night lights.


Eloquent Walls

Walls in every home transmit a plethora of information, whether adorned with family photographs, profound words, or artistic manifestations of the inhabitants' viewpoints. 

They are the most significant to us because they inspire us to live the most extraordinary lives possible and are, therefore, deserving of our highest admiration.