When ordering a personalised neon sign, it is essential to ensure that the neon is the precise colour you want. 

Doing this right is essential, regardless of whether you're a company that needs a neon sign to match its brand colours or a household that wants to use its favourite colour.

BeneonUnicorn Neon Sign Studio has such a large selection of colours available for this very reason. 

You can select the ideal fit thanks to the approximately forty colour variations.

It is essential for artists who work in neon paint to get the right hue of neon paint for their projects. 

As a result of this, a large number of creative individuals have sought our assistance to perfect their neon works.

The following is a list of neon sign colours that are frequently used, along with their associated meanings.


Why would you choose a neon sign in yellow, I ask you?


When fabricating a neon sign, yellow is almost always the primary option. 

This is owing to the large variety of applications for which this exceptionally versatile shade may be used, which is the primary reason for this fact. 

Neon lighting in sunny yellow produces an immediate sense of warmth and invitation. 

Alternatively, if you want to add a little bit of cheer to your neon sign, a brilliant yellow colour is a beautiful choice.

A yellow neon sign might be a fantastic choice for many people and businesses, depending on the nature of the message the sign is meant to convey and the environment in which it is displayed.

The colour pink is another popular choice for neon signs.

Pink is the colour to choose if you want to bring vitality into a room or area. 

Pink neon signs that are eye-catching and photogenic are always welcome in any city. 

Is it not true that pink is a colour that everybody adores? 

Pink neon signs, because of their undeniable ability to attract people's attention, are an excellent option for establishments such as nightclubs and dining establishments.

In recent times, there has been a rise in the application of neon orange.

In recent years, orange has emerged as one of the colours that people desire the most. 

Orange is a happy colour that also has many positive connotations associated with it. 

Orange is a multipurpose colour that looks well in various contexts, including residential and commercial ones.

Orange is an outstanding option for a neon sign you intend to create to animate a particular area. 

A room may feel either warmer or more lively by utilising a range of orange tones.

Get in touch with BeneonUnicorn Neon Sign Studio if you are interested in learning more about the spectrum of colours that may be crafted for your neon sign by our company. 

If you have any enquiries concerning neon lights, we will try our best to respond to them.

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