With the coming of winter, photographers could discover that the season's darker mornings and evenings make for more appealing subjects. 

In the evening, neon signs advertising restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels bring cityscapes to life. These signs can be found in most major cities. 

Once the sun goes down, photographers in places such as London, New York, and Hong Kong seek out the neon lights of these cities because the lights are so arresting.

It can be challenging to capture and intensify the impression that a neon sign gives off because of the low level of lighting and the reflective and shiny aspect of the neon sign. 

Shooting a neon sign so that it appears appealing requires a significant amount of skill. 

To help you develop your skills as a photographer, we have provided some helpful advice regarding photographing neon signs.



Even if you want the neon sign to be the primary subject of the photograph, you might still use a model. 

Because of this, their hair and clothing may take on a characteristic neon shine.

You can make it much more fascinating by having them put on glasses, which will cause the neon to be reflected and appear to be seen from all different directions. This will give the impression that the neon is coming from various directions.

Find your unique viewpoint, number two. Experiment with various ways to obtain the one that best captures the neon sign and any additional parts of the scene that appeal to you. 

Experiment with shooting from various perspectives, and don't be afraid to take advantage of unique photographic opportunities like puddles.

Although there is nothing wrong with placing yourself precisely in front of the sign for the most excellent snapshot, you should strive to vary your stance slightly from shot to shot to get the most out of the experience. 

The results are arbitrary and hard to predict. Experimenting with different settings on the camera is the third piece of guidance we can offer.

Finding the configuration that works best for your requirements could need some trial and error on your part. 

Several photographers suggest using a high ISO level when shooting at night to get the most out of the camera regarding the amount of light it can gather. 

However, if you select a high ISO, you could have a grainy image that will require additional processing to correct.

Try a variety of settings to discover the one that provides the best image quality for your requirements. 

It is recommended that you shoot your picture with a lower exposure and then boost it in post-production if you want to maintain your photograph's original colours and highlights.

Consider shooting in raw format, as this is the fourth piece of advice.

If your camera can capture in RAW format, you will have greater flexibility when adjusting the colours and contrast of your photos. 

The RAW file format allows for preserving more image data, ultimately resulting in higher-quality photographs.

If you shoot in RAW, you will have much more flexibility when making different adjustments. 

This could be especially helpful for photographing neon signs due to the myriad of colours they come in and their vividness.

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