Why Neon Lighting Is Superior to LED?

Why Neon Lighting Is Superior to LED ?

Whether it will be utilised for residential, commercial, or an altogether different purpose, we take great delight in the planning and manufacturing of our BeneonUnicorn

But, considering that there are now two distinct types of light sources on the market, we routinely debate with many people who question whether or not it is practical to choose an LED sign over a neon sign.

Neon has been the preeminent light source for several decades, but LED technology is beginning to threaten its market share. 

When it comes to delivering the ideal sign, many people are still deciding which one to choose, so we'll discuss a few factors to keep in mind when you decide between neon and LED.

This link provides additional information regarding the distinctions between neon and LED lights.

While claiming that LED is preferable to neon for sign illumination, proponents of the former usually reference LED's lower power consumption and longer lifespan to support their position. 

Neon is a practical and long-lasting alternative to LED because it does not have the same problems as LED and can have several problems that cause the lights to dim, among other problems. 

While this is partially accurate, it is essential to highlight that neon has different problems than LED.

If only one of the LED modules in an LED sign fails, it is infamously difficult to repair it because the entire sign must be removed. 

Because an LED produces light that shines in only one direction, this sort of lighting is known as a directed light source.

Avoid neon providers who sacrifice quality by utilising substandard components. 

You can feel confident that the BeneonUnicorn you purchase from us is authentic because we handle every element of the manufacture ourselves, from the initial concept to the finished product.

As neon is dependable and has been utilised for a considerable amount of time, most people will likely continue to rely on it. 

Because our staff at BeneonUnicorn has a combined 25 years of experience working with neon, we recognise and value the enormous amount of labour that goes into manufacturing our neon signs. 

It's a labour of love, and over the past few years, as the movement has grown in popularity, we've had a growing number of enquiries about it. 

It has recently undergone a resurgence, and as a result, its prior reputation as a red-light area has been erased. 

As a result, it is currently the height of fashion.

Because neon is a light source that can be directed in any direction, many of the BeneonUnicorn we produce are displayed in enclosures allowing them to illuminate the room to their total capacity. 

Due to their high brightness output and low maintenance requirements, these lights can be utilised indoors and outdoors without requiring special care. 

The length of time your lamp remains functional depends on several factors: how well you maintain it.

The following is a rundown of the most effective ways to maintain the health of your BeneonUnicorn: >> You may find out more by clicking here.



Ultimately, the age-old dispute between neon versus LED lighting comes down to a few key considerations: personal preference. However, the two types of lighting are the same in terms of the efficiency of their energy use or, more crucially, their level of safety.

As a result of the fact that neon is manufactured in a regulated environment and is afterwards encased in tubes and, in the majority of instances, acrylic casing, it is possible to exhibit neon virtually anywhere safely.

Disclaimer: depending on the sign you want and how we assess it, this could differ from what is stated here.

There is no denying the significance of aesthetics to many people, which is why so many businesses choose to keep their neon signs in their original form.

LED has made significant gains towards imitating the aesthetic of neon, but it still needs to compare to the beauty of real neon or its design options.

The fact that neon can emit light in any direction is typically cited as the cause of this phenomenon.

Get in touch with BeneonUnicorn immediately to start your neon journey, whether you want to commission a piece for your house or company or something wholly original like the samples seen below. BeneonUnicorn creates custom neon artwork.

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