Given how quickly Christmas is approaching, we decided to display some of the BeneonUnicorn we've developed with a holiday motif. 

Because commercial projects are often purchased too late to be completed in time for Christmas, the bulk of our Christmas neon signs and artwork have been commissioned by private clients. 

In addition, many of the custom signs that our company has manufactured for residential clients have been acquired during the holiday season as gifts for family members or close friends.

Chloe, one of our customers, requested that we make a beautiful neon sign for her home, and we obliged. 

A domestic customer commissioned this charming pink neon sign to serve as a daily reminder to their loved ones that they are cherished, hence reducing the need to utter those three simple words every day. 

Despite this, it is evident that they value this symbol as much as they cherish one another.

As seen in the image below, our client decorated their entire home for Christmas, including one of our "Merry Christmas" neon hire signs. 

This was done so the entire neighbourhood would be aware that Christmas was approaching. 

Most of us wait for a Coca-Cola commercial to tell us when we are "allowed" to celebrate, yet, these pioneers established the tone for festivities much earlier.

This is an example of something we designed for a more commercial purpose. 

This funny rendition of a well-known tune was produced to attract customer's attention to a storefront window. 

The irony is that it was displayed inside a warm establishment while informing customers and passersby that it was cold outside. 

It is sufficient for us to realise that our neon signs made Christmas happier and brighter than ever before for our clients – possibly even more so than their Christmas trees!




As stated on our Facebook page, our custom-made "Beauty" neon sign, based on a handwritten design, was recently featured in the online version of Harper's Bazaar's "The Bazaar Guide to Bespoke Gifts." 

Since we are already discussing celebrations, we deemed it fair to provide you with this information.

Since 1867, Harper's Bazaar, a magazine for upper-class ladies, has been continually published. 

The magazine focuses on fashion, beauty, and popular culture to give its readers a "sophisticated" perspective on these subjects.

The magazine had a total circulation of 754,846 copies in the first half of 2014, and its web traffic figures are predicted to have approximately one million unique monthly visitors.

It may be named "Beauty" because of its aesthetic appeal, or perhaps it's a symbol meant to remind us of all the beauty in the world. 

The sign can be read in various ways, making it both distinctive and confusing.




All ages look forwards to partaking in the tradition of putting together an advent calendar and counting the days before Christmas. 

However, since we learned that we would be featured in this year's Great Business Advent Calendar, it has taken on a greater significance. 

Every day during December, the calendar would feature an outstanding business of a different type and provide a summary of the business's duties.

The Firm is a GREAT campaign that inspired the creation of this calendar, highlighting a different "show-stopping" small business and the government's participation in that business's success each month.

We have not yet been seen behind any of the doors, so be on the lookout for us as the 25th approaches, and "Tweet" us if you spot us before we do!

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