If you have just purchased a neon sign or are thinking about purchasing it, you might have questions about how it is put together and operated. 

Even though owning a neon sign can be a great experience, the sign must be installed and maintained appropriately

Our most recent article to this blog is jam-packed with information that will be helpful to you in putting up and maintaining your neon sign.


A Few Suggestions Regarding the Installation of Neon Signs


Our staff members are the only ones permitted to use our neon signage in any capacity. 

Anywhere you feel most comfortable, whether in the living room, the office, or even the bar! 

Due to this, every one of our neon signs is shipped out with either an acrylic mounting panel or a box. 

This makes them portable, which is beneficial if you want to test your neon sign in other locations because it makes transferring them more convenient. This is useful if you want to test your neon sign in different locations.

After installation, your neon sign will come pre-wired and can be hung from a regular wall socket. 

You merely need to nail it to the wall or hang it using the chain included to put the sign on show. 

After that, the only thing that must be done is plug the outlet in and turn on the power.

There is a possibility that your neon sign does not need to be fastened to a wall in a way that is considered permanent. 

This is the circumstance that occurs whenever it is desired to position the neon sign such that it is flush against the wall. 

In such a scenario, you will need to look for someone specialising in installing neon signs. 

Following the necessary steps will prevent holes from being punched into your sign while it is installed.

Even though we do not have an installation team on staff, we can put you in touch with a group of competent experts to assist you.


How do you make the most of the opportunities afforded to you by your necrophobic sign


After you have hung your neon sign in the position you had in mind, you will need to handle it with the utmost care from that point forward. 

In most cases, a neon tube's average lifespan is about ten years. Yet, even though this is an elementary activity, it is highly likely that the transformer will need to be replaced shortly.

A connection to an electrical outlet is necessary for each of our neon signs to function, but a regular light switch can turn them on and off as needed. 

But, you should only proceed once you have determined whether or not any regulations prohibit this activity.

The glass cylinders are subjected to a robust electric current sent through them during the process of producing the luminescent gas. 

People may start to wonder if neon signs are dangerous to their health. 

Electricity can't flow through a broken glass tube since doing so would immediately switch the power off.

Usually, neon signs are positioned in favourable but risky positions, making them prone to cracking or shattering when damaged. 

If this is the case, the face of the neon light facing outward should have some shielding material applied.

You are welcome to download our helpful advice at no cost if you seek further information regarding the safety of neon.

For neon signage, an almost infinite variety of design alternatives are available. The effect you want to generate can be accomplished by combining neon with reflective objects, printed media, and vinyl.

Please continue reading to learn more about the chemistry of creating neon signs, and browse our collection to see some of the spectacular signs we've made over the years.

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