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Balloon Dog Neon Sign

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Balloon Dog Neon Sign | Beneon Unicorn Neon Sign

Our hot pink balloon dog will provide a unique element to any situation due to its brilliant colour. 

The amiable dog is constructed from high-quality PVC piping and is equipped with energy-saving LED lights. 

This cute pink puppy would look fantastic in any child's room, bedroom, or children's store. 

The neon sign was made by hand and is child-friendly. 

This sign can be displayed anywhere you wish to add colour and excitement to the area.

  • Dimensions: 19in x 18in; Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • The neon sign in the pictures is in the Pink (white when off) color.
  • Handmade LED neon sign
  • Made of PVC and LED
  • Kid-safe and earth-friendly; NO harmful gases; Safe to touch; Low energy required(50W)


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.

• Remote dimmer x 1.

• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord.

• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.


ballon dog neon sign

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Your order will be delivered as quickly as possible, regardless of where you are in the United States of America. This holds regardless of the time of day.


The LED neon signs we use are powered by a simple power converter that only requires 12 volts.

It is an excellent alternative for residential and light business use due to its low noise and heat output.


Throughout the whole process of designing and developing this product, we had individuals like you in mind. 

It is possible to customize LED neons to match the particular needs of your project. 

Whether you choose a custom neon sign or one of the options from our ready-made collection, our expert neon artists will collaborate with you to ensure that the finished product meets your specifications. 

If this option is available, you will be able to purchase the product in its current form or make an order for a modified variant.


The picture frame is hung on the wall in the same manner that was used to instal the lights.

A picture frame is the only item necessary to hang an environmentally friendly neon sign.

If you select a power converter with low wattage and a 12V-rated output voltage, you will not require the assistance of an electrician.

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We ask that you contact us as soon as possible after your purchase to advise us of the date and time of the event you are arranging.

You are entitled to keep the item and will be reimbursed for it regardless of how long it takes to reach its final destination.

The campaign's guidelines and restrictions are below for your convenience and reference.


We are here to help alleviate your concerns. Regarding indoor terrifying neon signs, our company offers a warranty twice as long as the standard six-month warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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In contrast to the standard six-month warranty supplied by the manufacturer, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our indoor-use neon signs that are horrifying.

[Extremely Rapid Delivery]

Once you have placed your order on our website, we will do everything necessary to ensure that it is delivered to you as promptly as possible in the United States.

After your sign has been created, you can expect to receive it by mail within a few business days.

Beneon unicorn offers free international shipping to all regions.

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BeNeonUnicorn offers superior customer service, and the organization will strictly stick to your requests.

I am always pleased to receive communications from you and anticipate reading them.

                        WHAT’S IN THE BOX?
                        • Your awesome neon sign x 1.
                        • Remote dimmer x 1.
                        • Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord. 
                        • Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.

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                        No Backing
                        rectangular backing

                        Our total turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, including production and shipping. All custom neon signs are made to order. It requires 5-7 business days for handmade production before shipment.

                        Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Fedex/DHL/UPS)

                        We also offer rush order service. Please contact if you need your neon sign to arrive in 2 weeks. Additional rush order fee will be applied.

                        *Customers outside of United States are responsible for potential import taxes.

                        WHAT THE REAL COLORS LOOK LIKE?

                        We have 22 colors for you to choose from. 12 of them (on the left) have colored jacket, meaning that the neon tube still have colors when the light is off. The rest 10 of them are white jacket, meaning that the neon tube is white when the light is off.

                        Here is an example of colored jacket vs. white jacket when the sign is off and on.



                        If you prefer to have different colors for each letter or multiple letters of your text, we can add this option too!

                        For example, your text is "LED Neon Sign". We can do text "LED" in pink, text "Neon" in white, and text "Sign" in yellow, with no extra cost. Just be creative and let us know our request.


                        CAN I DO CHANGEABLE COLOR SIGNS?

                        Yes we do multicolor (changeable colors) neon signs. Additional fees will be applied for this option. Please contact us for more information.

                        Have no idea about the size? Please use the photo below to help you determine the appropriate length (the longest side) of your custom neon sign. We offer sizes from 15 inches to 200 inches.

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                        Our production time is only 5-7 business days. Receive your neon signs in just 2-3 weeks with Free Shipping!

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                        All our signs will come with 2-year warranty. Any problem with your sign? Not satisfied? Let us know and we will make it right.

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                        We offer the best pricing guaranteed. Send us the quote from others and we will price beat with premium quality as always.

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