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We have the eyes with lashes neon sign you've been looking for, and not only is it eye-catching, but it also draws the eye! This sign will benefit businesses such as bars, hairdressers, and retail enterprises. Its three-dimensional design helps it to stand out against the other objects in the room.

Many people love this neon sign. Because of its uncluttered and traditional appearance, it is easy to spot from across the room.

This is a fantastic alternative to consider if you want people to take notice of your storefront. Lashes in exchange for Lashes A Neon Sign can be used to either attract clients or to demonstrate a one-of-a-kind sense of style. Both of these uses are conceivable. It is helpful in various settings, including the home and the workplace.

The neon sign, which is controlled by remote control and is powered by an LED neon tube that is lightweight but durable, comes with the remote control. The low voltage transformer gets its power from a regular wall outlet, which serves as the device's electricity source. 


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.

• Remote dimmer x 1.

• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord.

• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.




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A one-of-a-kind light show can be produced by mounting neon signs on your establishment's walls, windows, or door. 

With only a few critical pieces of furniture and some well-placed decorative accessories, you can transform any room in your home into a chic and sophisticated urban refuge.

If you've ever found yourself in a rut and felt like you needed a pick-me-up, the flashing neon light is the ideal way to do it.

There is no question about the superiority of the neon signs manufactured to order using LED tube technology.

This lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and effective. Because it is noiseless and comfortable to touch, it lends itself to various uses and is highly versatile and adaptable.

In the structure's design, there should be incorporated LED neon lights that are created to order and constructed of coloured silicone.

The most recent generation of glass neon lights is noticeably more luminescent than the generation that came before them.

The backplane of these aeroplanes was crafted from the highest-quality acrylic that could be found and was customised to the buyer's precise requirements.

At this point, the only important thing is how interesting and engaging the viewer finds your appearance. No matter if you have a neon sign in your living room or garage, at a bar or restaurant, you are free to utilise it anywhere you see fit.

Neon signs are an excellent method of getting your message across when advertising in public places because of their eye-catching appearance. 

A custom neon sign is a fantastic addition to the decor of any company. In addition, as a stunning backdrop, they can be utilised for formal events such as parties, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other similar occasions.

Don't forget to make a list of everyone for whom you will be purchasing holiday gifts this year, and on that list, be sure to include each person's name as well as their name and contact information.

Because our products and services all come with a warranty valid for one year, you won't have to worry about anything when you purchase from us.


Decorating using custom LED neon signs explicitly produced for you is a fantastic alternative to the more traditional use of neon lights.

The fact that each is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork contributes to the impression that they are entirely different from one another. 

Using natural glass tubing, as opposed to other materials, sets Neo signs apart from other types of signs.

The light-emitting diode strips that make up LED neon lights are interconnected, and while they look similar to neon signs, they are not the same.

Because LEDs often have polymer casings, it is challenging to repair an LED that has been broken.


Lighting is a topic that is now receiving a lot of attention, and if you are interested in purchasing a personalised sign, you should make sure that it is authentic.

It is essential to remember that the neon sign's light source extends in all directions when you are out and about conducting your grocery shopping.

LEDs can uniformly illuminate a vast area in addition to being able to be pointed in a particular direction. 

This causes a light beam to be formed that is analogous to the beam produced by a flashlight.

Your order will be delivered to you as quickly as possible, regardless of where you may be located in the United States of America.


Our neon signs use the most recent LED technology and are powered by a straightforward power converter that requires only 12 volts. 

Because of the low amount of heat they produce and the low amount of noise, they are ideally suited for usage in the home and light commercial settings.


This item is created with you in mind specifically.

There are LED neons that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Our skilled neon craftsman will work with you to guarantee that the product satisfies the requirements of your particular circumstance, regardless of whether you require a personalised neon sign or one of our ready-made alternatives. 

When you are provided with this option, you can buy the product as is or place an order for a customised version of it.


If you want to leave an impression on your followers, you can't go wrong with our neon signage customised for Instagram.


The same procedure is used to secure the picture frame to the wall, just like with the lights. 

A picture frame is all that is required to hang an environmentally friendly neon sign. 

If you utilise a power converter with a low wattage and output voltage rated for 12V, you won't need the assistance of an electrician.

[FREE SHIPPING, No Matter Where You Live]

Our LED neon lights can be adapted to your specifications and delivered to any country. 

Our couriers will deliver it to you regardless of where you are, even if you are in a different country!


Many happy customers believe that our neons offer the best value of any product now available on the market. 

If you haven't already done so, you might want to consider lowering the price. 

We would appreciate it if you could provide us with further details. 

In return, we'll follow your lead and offer you a digital fist bump.


After placing your purchase, we ask that you get in touch with us as quickly as possible to let us know your event's specific date and time. 

We will issue you a refund and let you keep the item regardless of how long it takes for the item to arrive at its destination. 

The terms and conditions of the campaign are outlined below for your reference and convenience.


Because we are here to assist you, there is no need for you to stress about the situation. 

For frightening neon signs used indoors, our company provides a manufacturer guarantee twice as long as the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer, which is six months.

Because we are here to assist you, there is no need for you to be concerned about anything at all. 

For frightening neon signs intended for use indoors, our firm provides a guarantee from the manufacturer that is valid for twelve months, which is twice as long as the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer, which is valid for only six months.

[Fast Delivery]

After you have placed an order on our website, we will do all our power to ensure that it is delivered to you in the United States as quickly as possible. 

Your sign will be shipped as soon as it is completed, typically within a few business days. 

Beneon unicorn offers free delivery everywhere in the world.

[Excellent Customer Service]

The customer care you receive from BeNeonUnicorn is excellent, and they will carry out all your requests to the letter. 

Your messages are always welcome, and I look forwards to reading them.


Full Control - The free remote control has an on/off switch and multiple brightness settings. Your neon light sign can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.

Durable - We offer the latest neon flex technology which is stronger and lighter than vintage style glass neon.

Energy Efficient - Our LED neon light signs are both economical and ecologically friendly, with low energy consumption and 50,000+ hours lifespan.Safe - Our bespoke neon signs are made from LED light tubes that do not get hot and contain no breakable glass.

Easy to Install - All of our neon signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Low Maintenance - BeNeonUnicorn™ signs are very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Lightweight - Our custom designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect as LED neon signs for weddings, events, home or business, or truly unique gift ideas.

2-year Warranty - All of our signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.
• Remote dimmer x 1.
• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord. 
• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.

Our total turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, including production and shipping. All custom neon signs are made to order. It requires 5-7 business days for handmade production before shipment.

Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Fedex/DHL/UPS)

We also offer rush order service. Please contact if you need your neon sign to arrive in 2 weeks. Additional rush order fee will be applied.

*Customers outside of United States are responsible for potential import taxes.


We have 22 colors for you to choose from. 12 of them(on the left) have colored jacket, meaning that the neon tube still have colors when the light is off. The rest 10 of them are white jacket, meaning that the neon tube is white when the light is off.

Here is an example of colored jacket vs. white jacket when the sign is off and on.


If you prefer to have different colors for each letter or multiple letters of your text, we can add this option too!

For example, your text is "Custom Neon Sign". We can do text "Custom" in pink, text "Neon" in white, and text "Sign" in yellow, with no extra cost. Just be creative and let us know our request.


Yes we do multicolor (changeable colors) neon signs. Additional fees will be applied for this option. Please contact us for more information.

Have no idea about the size? Please use the photo below to help you determine the appropriate length (the longest side) of your custom neon sign. We offer sizes from 15 inches to 200 inches.

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