FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - Orange30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - Lemon Yellow30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - Ice Blue30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - White30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - White30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - Purple30 inches
FEMALE LEGS NEON SIGN - Green30 inches


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Neon Light Sign | FEMALE LEGS Neon Sign

This Neon light sign is an absolute must for anyone interested in sprucing up their environment with an all-in-one LED light kit and desires to do so stylishly. You will receive everything you require to get going, including an LED light kit and the hardware necessary to instal it.

You may make a significant change to the way that your area appears in only a few short minutes. The LED lights are brilliant and have a long lifespan, and the mounting hardware is included in the package. Installation is straightforward. It is adaptable for use in any space.

Changing the appearance of your home quickly and easily can be accomplished by installing a neon sign. The brilliant, eye-catching colours are an excellent addition to any space. A cord for plugging in the neon sign makes it ready to be used.


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.

• Remote dimmer x 1.

• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord.

• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.




The LED neon signs we use are powered by a straightforward power converter that merely requires 12 volts to function.

Because it generates very little noise and heat, it is an excellent choice for usage in domestic and light business settings.




Like with the lights, the picture frame is mounted on the wall using the same technique.

A picture frame is all that is needed to hang an environmentally friendly neon sign.

You won't require an electrician if you use a power converter with a low wattage and output voltage rated for 12V.



Many of our clients are confident that our neon lights represent the most acceptable value on the market today.

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We ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible after making your purchase to let us know the date and time of your event.

You can keep the item and get a refund regardless of how long it takes for the item to arrive at its destination.

For your reference and convenience, below are the campaign's rules and regulations.



To ease your mind, we are here to help you.

Our company offers a two-times-longer manufacturer warranty than the manufacturer's standard six-month warranty for terrifying neon signs used indoors.

Since we are here to help you, you don't have to worry about anything.

Unlike the manufacturer's standard warranty, which is only suitable for six months, we offer a twelve-month guarantee on all of our frightful neon signs meant for indoor usage.

[Fast Delivery]

We will do everything in our power to get your order to you in the United States as promptly as possible once you put it on our website.

You can expect your sign to be mailed within a few business days of it being produced.

BeNeonUnicorn provides free worldwide shipping.


[Excellent Customer Service]

The customer care you receive from BeNeonUnicorn is excellent, and they will carry out all your requests to the letter. 

Your messages are always welcome, and I look forwards to reading them.


Full Control - The free remote control has an on/off switch and multiple brightness settings. Your neon light sign can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.

Durable - We offer the latest neon flex technology which is stronger and lighter than vintage style glass neon.

Energy Efficient - Our LED neon light signs are both economical and ecologically friendly, with low energy consumption and 50,000+ hours lifespan.Safe - Our bespoke neon signs are made from LED light tubes that do not get hot and contain no breakable glass.

Easy to Install - All of our neon signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Low Maintenance - BeNeonUnicorn™ signs are very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Lightweight - Our custom designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect as LED neon signs for weddings, events, home or business, or truly unique gift ideas.

2-year Warranty - All of our signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.
• Remote dimmer x 1.
• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord. 
• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.

Our total turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, including production and shipping. All custom neon signs are made to order. It requires 5-7 business days for handmade production before shipment.

Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Fedex/DHL/UPS)

We also offer rush order service. Please contact if you need your neon sign to arrive in 2 weeks. Additional rush order fee will be applied.

*Customers outside of United States are responsible for potential import taxes.


We have 22 colors for you to choose from. 12 of them (on the left) have colored jacket, meaning that the neon tube still have colors when the light is off. The rest 10 of them are white jacket, meaning that the neon tube is white when the light is off.

Here is an example of colored jacket vs. white jacket when the sign is off and on.



If you prefer to have different colors for each letter or multiple letters of your text, we can add this option too!

For example, your text is "LED Neon Sign". We can do text "LED" in pink, text "Neon" in white, and text "Sign" in yellow, with no extra cost. Just be creative and let us know our request.



Yes we do multicolor (changeable colors) neon signs. Additional fees will be applied for this option. Please contact us for more information.

Have no idea about the size? Please use the photo below to help you determine the appropriate length (the longest side) of your custom neon sign. We offer sizes from 15 inches to 200 inches.

the sample connection of custom led neon signs

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