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it was always you Neon Sign

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It was always you Neon Sign

It was always you neon sign is decorating your wedding venue with this neon sign is a brilliant idea. 

Because it is made with high-quality customize LED neon sign tubing, you may anticipate it will last many years. 

The phrase "it was always you" is the perfect text to give to someone you care about. 

As can be observed, this neon sign's design is both classy and contemporary. 

A translucent acrylic backdrop is added to the neon sign to reflect the light from the neon light. 

If you choose to have it, this sign will be an excellent addition to your home or office in any contemporary setting.

This neon sign emits a glow that appears soothing, almost like a hug. 

We are happy to share this design with you because it brings back pleasant memories. 

It is the perfect present for anyone who wishes to express their love for their partner.



• Your awesome neon sign x 1.

• Remote dimmer x 1.

• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord.

• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.




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it was always you neon sign

You may instal dream-led neon signs on the walls and windows of your restaurant to provide a unique light show that is also environmentally friendly and durable.

With a few essential furnishings and well-placed accents, any room can be transformed into a beautiful and contemporary urban retreat.

Simply being in the same room as a flashing neon sign can improve a person's mood.

This has the potential to be very successful.

Innovative LED tube technology enables the production of personalised neon signs of the most excellent quality, which can subsequently be offered to the customer based on their needs.

This lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also performs its intended function admirably.

It has a pleasant texture and makes little noise, so it may be utilised in various locations without being unpleasant.

Therefore, it is applicable in a variety of circumstances and contexts.

It was believed that coloured silicone and silicone-based LED neon lights may be utilised to construct the building.

The most recent generation of glass neon lights is brighter than all previous generations, including all previous generations.

The backplanes of these aircraft are built from acrylic of the most excellent quality. 

After completion, they are modified to meet the particular requirements of the purchaser.

If the audience responds with enthusiasm and attention to your presentation, you will know you did an excellent job interpreting the content you were given.

Neon signage can be shown anywhere, including the dining area, kitchen, garage, restaurant, and bar.

Rubber neons are an effective technique to attract people's attention, particularly in public spaces, because the patterns manufacturing them are so environmentally friendly and attractive.

It would help if you always kept this in mind when working with neons.

Putting a personalised neon sign in front of a company's offices is one approach to generate more revenue.

They have the potential to serve as a stunning backdrop for formal occasions such as weddings, proms, and banquets, and they already can.

Create a list of all the individuals for whom you intend to purchase holiday gifts. 

Include their names and any applicable contact information.

When you purchase a product or service from our company, you won't have to worry about its dependability since we provide a one-year warranty that begins on the date of purchase.


It would be a good idea to decorate with LED neon signs rather than traditional neon lights.

Each piece in the series has a unique aesthetic that distinguishes it from the others. These styles comprise the entirety of the collection.

Neo signs are distinguished from other types of signage by their predominant use of natural glass tubing.

Large strips of light-emitting diodes are used to create unique LED neon signage.

Even though LED neon lights and neon signs appear similar, there are numerous distinctions between the two lighting kinds.

It is more challenging to repair a broken LED light emitting diode when the LEDs are covered and encased in a polymer.


One of the most effective methods to decorate a room is to replace classic neon signs with LED neon signs.

The distinctive characteristics of each item distinguish it from the other objects in the collection and demonstrate that it is an excellent complement to the group.

Neo signs are distinguished from other signs by their unique composition: natural glass tubing.

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode (LED). 

Light-emitting diode strips are put together to create customised neon signage.

Despite their superficial similarity, there are significant differences between LED neon lights and conventional neon signs.

When the polymer is utilised to cover the light-emitting diodes, it is far more challenging to repair a damaged LED.


Our neon signs are powered by a simple power converter that utilises the most advanced LED technology and requires only a 12-volt transformer voltage.

They generate sensible heat and noise for usage in households and small enterprises.


This item was created with you in mind from the outset. There are LED handmade neon lights that can be altered to suit your preferences.

Whether you choose a custom neon sign or one of our ready-made solutions, the expert neon painters will ensure that the final result meets your specifications.

The remark holds whether you use a prefabricated neon sign or one you create yourself. Depending on the availability of this function, you can either purchase the item as-is or modify it.


The picture frame and the lights are hung on the wall similarly.

You will need a picture frame to display an environmentally friendly and multicoloured sign.

If you utilise a power converter with low wattage and a 12V output, you will not require the assistance of an electrician. 

This is a durable and sturdy characteristic. Regardless of your location, shipping is free.

Because our LED sign lights are adaptable and can be plugged in any place, they can be shipped worldwide.

Our sales staff will ship the goods to you regardless of location or nation.


According to the comments of numerous satisfied customers, our neons are now the most cost-effective product on the market.

If you have not already lowered the price, you should strongly consider doing so.

If you could provide additional details, it would be fantastic. We want to demonstrate our appreciation by giving you a virtual fist bump and acting as though you deserve it, so please keep up the excellent work.


After making a purchase, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and provide as much information as possible regarding the day and time of your event. We will issue a refund and let you retain the item, regardless of how long it takes to reach its final destination.

Here are the regulations and prerequisites for participating in the campaign for your perusal and storage.


It would help if you were not concerned about the current circumstance, as we are here to assist you.

Our company's warranty is valid for one year, although the manufacturer's standard warranty for indoor terrifying neon signs is only six months.

This warranty is valid for two years. You have nothing to fear since we are here to assist you. You can always rely on our assistance.

The manufacturer of the indoor neon signs that our company sells provides a one-year warranty. This warranty is twice as long as the manufacturer's standard warranty, which lasts only six months.

[Excellent Service]

Once you place a purchase on our website, we will do everything necessary to send it to you in the United States as quickly as possible.

After a few business days, during which your sign will be created, it will be shipped to you.

When you purchase a unicorn from BeNeonUnicorn , you can have it delivered to any global location.

Customer service is outstanding. BeNeonUnicorn gives excellent customer service and will fulfil all requests precisely. Our online system protects the confidentiality of your personal information. 



Full Control - The free remote control has an on/off switch and multiple brightness settings. Your neon light sign can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.

Durable - We offer the latest neon flex technology which is stronger and lighter than vintage style glass neon.

Energy Efficient - Our LED neon light signs are both economical and ecologically friendly, with low energy consumption and 50,000+ hours lifespan.Safe - Our bespoke neon signs are made from LED light tubes that do not get hot and contain no breakable glass.

Easy to Install - All of our neon signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Low Maintenance - BeNeonUnicorn™ signs are very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Lightweight - Our custom designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect as LED neon signs for weddings, events, home or business, or truly unique gift ideas.

2-year Warranty - All of our signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.
• Remote dimmer x 1.
• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord. 
• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.

Our total turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, including production and shipping. All custom neon signs are made to order. It requires 5-7 business days for handmade production before shipment.

Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Fedex/DHL/UPS)

We also offer rush order service. Please contact if you need your neon sign to arrive in 2 weeks. Additional rush order fee will be applied.

*Customers outside of United States are responsible for potential import taxes.


We have 22 colors for you to choose from. 12 of them(on the left) have colored jacket, meaning that the neon tube still have colors when the light is off. The rest 10 of them are white jacket, meaning that the neon tube is white when the light is off.

Here is an example of colored jacket vs. white jacket when the sign is off and on.


If you prefer to have different colors for each letter or multiple letters of your text, we can add this option too!

For example, your text is "Custom Neon Sign". We can do text "Custom" in pink, text "Neon" in white, and text "Sign" in yellow, with no extra cost. Just be creative and let us know our request.


Yes we do multicolor (changeable colors) neon signs. Additional fees will be applied for this option. Please contact us for more information.

Have no idea about the size? Please use the photo below to help you determine the appropriate length (the longest side) of your custom neon sign. We offer sizes from 15 inches to 200 inches.

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