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      Neon Displays Tailored to Your Specifications Light up your business, commission a one-of-a-kind neon installation for your next corporate event, or decorate your office with LED neon signs. You can get an LED neon sign customised with your company's emblem.

      We create eye-catching LED neon light signs for companies of all sizes and disciplines, incorporating anything from company names and logos to taglines and mascots. These signs are designed and fabricated by our company.

      You may create a neon sign for your company by uploading any artwork you like, including your firm's logo, name, and tagline. By providing you with a free mockup and price, we can guarantee that the finished project will be precisely what you envisioned.


      Open LED Displays and Signs LED Displays

      Bright LED neon is used in the production of a wide variety of window signs, including ones that read "open," "closed," "no vacancy," "business hours," and other similar messages. 

      On any one of them, you can print your company's logo. 

      Our area of expertise is in creating personalized neon signs, and we can develop a layout that is just as unique as yours.

      LED displays that have moving graphic animations

      Neon Signs That Blink Like Neon LED signage that uses neon can be animated or made to blink. 

      We are excited to work with you to develop a design representative of your company in all facets and garner attention.

      Personalized, UV-Ink Printed Signs Made Just for Your Business.

      You will only have to look further than Custom Neon for something besides neon lights! 

      Those searching for a solution that uses both conventional sign printing and neon will be happy to hear this announcement. 

      Signs created with UV printing are guaranteed to outlast others and look superior. 

      Printing using ultraviolet light in any RGB colour is an option for any acrylic colour.

      What are some of the benefits that LED neon has brought to your company?

      Even start-up companies with a modest advertising budget should be able to afford to have at least one custom LED sign made out of LED flex with a neon effect. 

      The primary consideration should be whether or not you have the financial means to avoid doing it. 

      Not only millennials who are obsessed with taking selfies can profit from a picture-perfect backdrop for their next social media post, but anyone can reap the rewards of such a setting. 

      You can get free promotions online by purchasing flashing neon signs, stunning neon artwork, or contemporary neon letters and displaying them on your website.

      We can produce shape cuts, letter cuts, and channel letter signs in 18 different colours; you can use just one colour or all of them. 

      There is the option of having LED neon signs that are either static or animated.

      Baseboards for commercial signs can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic that is transparent, opaque, or coloured; ABS; PVC; or aluminium panel, among other options. 

      The electric current for our company signs comes from a regular wall outlet via a 12V DC converter.

      After production, your sign will be shipped by a reputable delivery service such as DHL, UPS, TNT, or FedEx. It will be packaged in vibration-proof packing and placed inside a durable outer box.

      Our LED neon flex storefront signs have received certification from CE, RoHS, and UL. In addition to being shatterproof, they are also energy efficient, recyclable, resistant to UV light, and won't fade with time.

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