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One Piece Neon Sign

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One Piece Neon Sign | BeneonUnicorn Neon Sign

Do you have a lot of fun viewing episodes of "One Piece," a popular anime series that originates in Japan? This logo, which features a skull and crossbones, will get people's attention.

When you listen to the Straw Hat Pirates theme, you'll get the impression that you've joined the intrepid crew of Monkey D. Luffy.

This PVC tubing-based LED sign emits a brilliant glow in several different hues, and it is highly durable and resistant to breaking. Use this artwork, which features characters from "One Piece," to decorate the venue of your next event with a theme.

This will be a fun piece of wall decor for young people's bedrooms if they are fans of the manga and its characters.

Bring it to a shop specialising in manga-related things such as media, video games, and cosplay accessories, and they will assist you. This LED neon sign's potential for use with pirate themes is virtually limitless.

  • Dimensions: 22in x 22in; Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Handmade LED neon sign
  • Made of PVC and LED
  • Kid-safe and earth-friendly; NO harmful gases; Safe to touch; Low energy required


• Your awesome neon sign x 1.

• Remote dimmer x 1.

• Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord.

• Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.


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        WHAT’S IN THE BOX?
        • Your awesome neon sign x 1.
        • Remote dimmer x 1.
        • Power Supply: suitable power adapter and 2-meter transparent cord. 
        • Mounting kits: pre-drilled holes and screws.

        Our total turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, including production and shipping. All custom neon signs are made to order. It requires 5-7 business days for handmade production before shipment.

        Shipping Time: 3-5 business days (Fedex/DHL/UPS)

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        We have 22 colors for you to choose from. 12 of them(on the left) have colored jacket, meaning that the neon tube still have colors when the light is off. The rest 10 of them are white jacket, meaning that the neon tube is white when the light is off.

        Here is an example of colored jacket vs. white jacket when the sign is off and on.


        If you prefer to have different colors for each letter or multiple letters of your text, we can add this option too!

        For example, your text is "Custom Neon Sign". We can do text "Custom" in pink, text "Neon" in white, and text "Sign" in yellow, with no extra cost. Just be creative and let us know our request.


        Yes we do multicolor (changeable colors) neon signs. Additional fees will be applied for this option. Please contact us for more information.

        Have no idea about the size? Please use the photo below to help you determine the appropriate length (the longest side) of your custom neon sign. We offer sizes from 15 inches to 200 inches.

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